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crying baby

my 8 month old baby throws tantrums it is a constnent thing any advice on how to stop this and what helps me please HELP!!!!

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:26 PM on Oct. 29, 2010 in General Parenting

Answers (6)
  • they're not capable of tantrums at that age. Something hurts them if they cry.

    Answer by butterflyblue19 at 8:28 PM on Oct. 29, 2010

  • an 8 month isn't capable of throwing a tantrum? LOL tell that to my DD.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:31 PM on Oct. 29, 2010

  • do you have a set daily routine? if not, that could be it. babies need some kind of routine, a nap at the same time of day, meals at the same time of day...just up and doing whatever could make them cranky. it also could be that she's over tired, without a set bedtime, getting to sleep when your overtired can be hard. we do need a bit more information than your giving us. if it's something recent, maybe she's sick? does she cry when you lay her down, grab at her ear, ect? could be teething or an ear infection. really, you gotta give us more info if you want help.

    Answer by armywife43 at 8:35 PM on Oct. 29, 2010

  • she or he is either hungry (mix Gerber flakes of single grain creal in a box with formula, microwave ONLY for ten seconds then feed with spoon, constipated (mine screamed after eating peas and had very hard bm), or teething you NEED to give four hylands teething tablets, or is exhausted, just give them a soft place to sleep. come one, be gentle. ALSO they may have a red or rashy area of BMs or diaper area. they also may want to be held fo ra whiel and walk aroudn with you--thats how my 8 month old who does not do this, is. be caring and figure out what is OFF where you can nurture and BE THERE for the little one. they are only adjustign to the world and CANT tell you whats wrong!! if she could speak or he coudl talk they are tryign to communicate not annoy you

    Answer by silverelf at 8:40 PM on Oct. 29, 2010

  • If they cant talk...then its their way of trying to tell you something...not a tantrum in my book....just frustration b/c they cant say it!


    Answer by mom2twobabes at 8:59 PM on Oct. 29, 2010

  • A routine is important. and like someone says if they can't talk the yell and cry because they want to tell you something. My DD has always gotten very irritable of i wasn't paying enough attention to her.

    Answer by SoniaL at 9:08 PM on Oct. 29, 2010

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