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Are todays parents too leinent and indulgent to their kids?


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Asked by Miss_Behavin at 11:44 PM on Oct. 29, 2010 in General Parenting

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Answers (9)
  • Some are, but some aren't lenient and indulgent enough.

    Answer by LovingSAHMommy at 11:46 PM on Oct. 29, 2010

  • You may be right, and I don't know why. They are creating a bunch of brats.

    Answer by Iluvautumn at 11:52 PM on Oct. 29, 2010

  • I think a majority of parents just don't have the confidence to parent. They excuse themselves to not have the time, not have the know-how, or that they're "doing their best". When in reality they isn't any excuse not to properly parent your child (whatever method that may be) and taking the easy way out is wrong. Period. So yes a lot of parents do over indulge their children and are way too forgiving of their children. They just don't put in place those bounderies and limits that kids need and actually want. Even if they won't say it.

    However, like LovingSAHMommy said ..some aren't enough.

    Answer by JazzlikeMraz at 11:54 PM on Oct. 29, 2010

  • A lot of them that I know or hear about on the news are. I do know some personally who need to allow their kids to be kids, but for the most part, all I see are disrespectful brats around here.

    Answer by Mrs.B3 at 11:54 PM on Oct. 29, 2010

  • Some definitely are, and parents of kids around my age are, also. I'm 21 and I grew up in a strict home. I never stayed at anyone's house, they never got to stay at mine, I didn't get my license until I was married because they wouldn't let me drive, etc. Not horribly overbearing, but much stricter than anyone I knew. I have several friends who were allowed to move in with their boyfriend or girlfriend in like 10th or 11th grade in high school. I do NOT understand that at all. I mean, if the girl was pregnant, he was helping out, etc., I could kind of see it, I guess. But parents were letting kids who hadn't even known each other for more than a couple of weeks move in together. I don't get that. A few of my friends also grew up getting everything that they wanted all the time. Once they stepped into the real world and didn't have mommy and daddy paying for everything, reality smacked them pretty hard, pretty fast.

    Answer by Mrs.BAT at 12:16 AM on Oct. 30, 2010

  • Parents seem to look the other way.I don't get it .My parents were strict I hated it,I thought my friends had it better then me.I look back know and thank God for my parents.Too many moms and dads want to be there kids friend.I want my DD to talk to me when she gets older.I will not look the other way just so she will.I didn't talk to my mom when I was teen about things.She all ways said I am not here to be your friend.I am here to love you,take care of you,and teach how to take care of your self,when I am not around.Know she lives in another state I hate it I call her all most everyday just to talk to her she is my friend know.
    Also parents these days don't no how to respect there kids,then wonder why there kids don't respect them.That just my thought on it.

    Answer by bucky77 at 12:51 AM on Oct. 30, 2010

  • Times have changed so... much and parents are so busy with their own lives too many kids are almost raising themselves. I know the saying 'it takes a village to raise a child' doesn't mean that ONLY the village should raise the kids. Where are the parents to raise their own kids. Yes, and too lenient for sure.


    Answer by cat4458 at 3:04 AM on Oct. 30, 2010

  • I think they are too lenient. I try really hard not to be. Kids need rules and guidelines, it makes them feel secure. I always knew the rules growing up and knew the punishment for breaking those rules. There were times when I thought that I would take the punishment for me doing what I wanted to do. But I think people try to hard to be friends w/their kids and have their kids "like" them.

    Answer by Bubbie0809 at 9:32 AM on Oct. 30, 2010

  • I agree with everyone else

    Answer by LiLJeni at 4:22 PM on Oct. 30, 2010

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