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I thought people were supposed to be nice to you when you're pregnant.

So I'm 5 mos. pregnant and pretty visibly showing. I haven't noticed anyone being extra nice to me (besides my husband and family), in fact, just yesterday at the grocery store some woman butted right in front of me. I lost a friend because she was so negative about my pregnancy and said I should "really stop talking about it because no one cares." I thought people were supposed to be nice to pregnant women! What's up with that??! I don't want special treatment, but I always heard that even strangers are nice to pregnant people.

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Asked by Anonymous at 2:52 PM on Oct. 31, 2008 in Pregnancy

Answers (19)
  • Aww, I'm eight months pregnant and strangers still think I'm just fat :( And I'm VERY visibly showing. I haven't had one single stranger be nice to me unless I wear the shirt in my profile picture that says "Peace Love Baby" on it. It's like I have to make it SO obvious that it's sad.


    Answer by caitxrawks at 2:55 PM on Oct. 31, 2008

  • dont feel to bad.. some people just suck.. i had one girl who worked at a store fired cuz she was rude to me and yelled at me and i still get people that practically hit me with carts

    Answer by sunshinebaby209 at 2:55 PM on Oct. 31, 2008

  • Now days I don't think people really care if your pregnant or not. Today's society is way to fast and with people on the run constantly I think they've forgotten how to be nice, especially to pregnant women. Some will argue, why should they be nice to you because your pregnant, there's tons of pregnant women..your not the first. I hate how people say that. Sorry you got treated bad but just brush it off, cause you run into alot more rude people then you do nice ones. Have a awesome day!!

    Answer by stayhomemom22 at 2:56 PM on Oct. 31, 2008

  • I haved tried to not listen to those people and I know its hard. I had this one girl say to my best fried..."isnt marah knocked up?" And my best friend said that I was and I had my own house and have been with my fiancee for 3 years, but I ended up having a miscarriage and then that girl said oh well it was probably a good thing because she probably would be a horrible mother. Funny thing was that she was the one doing drugs in school and sleeping around. Plus she still lives with her mom and doesnt even know who the father is. She doesnt have a job. So Im just thinking she was jealous that I had it going for me.

    Answer by Marah2008 at 2:57 PM on Oct. 31, 2008

  • Yikes! They ARE supposed to be nice. That was my experience, and one of the things I loved about being pregnant. That friend, I'm sorry to say, was not a friend at all- so you're well shot of her I guess.
    I had one guy be mean to me when I was working as a hostess at a five-star restaurant in a hotel, and I cried, and my manager phoned his room and chewed him out!
    Where do you live, that you've had no one show you the love???

    Answer by sfwilson at 2:58 PM on Oct. 31, 2008

  • haters thats all

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:59 PM on Oct. 31, 2008

  • I think times are different now and people see pregnant women everywhere. I agree with stayhomemom. Today's society IS fast. I know when you'r epregnant, you feel like you're the only one that has ever done something so amazing.(I know I felt that way!) but truthfully, most people just don't pay any attention.

    Answer by blainesmommy03 at 2:59 PM on Oct. 31, 2008

  • I was preggo in central Wisconsin, and I suppose people are pretty nice in general there... not as fast-paced.

    Answer by sfwilson at 3:00 PM on Oct. 31, 2008

  • I for one live in NC. You'd think everyone here would be nice and courteous and down-south-rootin-tootin-polite-yeehaw-great people.

    I've lived here my entire life. I beg to differ :(

    Answer by caitxrawks at 3:00 PM on Oct. 31, 2008

  • actually i was hit in the stomach with a grocery cart by a b*tch in a store when i was 8 months pregnant and my husband had to seriously walk me out of the store so i didnt punch her - she just looked at me when she did it and said "um i need to get through here" - i was just fuming!!

    I didnt expect her to make a trip arround the other way but she could have said "excuse me can i get through" and left out the violent shove with the cart!!

    Answer by vakatia at 3:19 PM on Oct. 31, 2008

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