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Breast-feeding 101. How do I even do it?

Ok I have to admitt, you BF Moms have sparked my interest. Before I decide on even trying it though, I need some questions answered.

Does pumping hurt?
Can you pump and the bottle feed? ( After my third c-section, I don't want to get up a lot, so my hubby helps)
What is this about freezing it and stuff?
Can I formula feed AND breast feed at the same time???

Anything else would be helpful too, I don't know a lot about it.


Asked by AshJoe05 at 1:06 PM on Nov. 1, 2008 in Pregnancy

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Answers (10)
  • Does pumping hurt? Not usually, but can be slightly uncomfortable until you get used to it, just like breastfeeding.

    Can you pump and the bottle feed? ( After my third c-section, I don't want to get up a lot, so my hubby helps) Yes, you can, but it's recommended not to introduce a bottle until breastfeeding is well established, so your baby does not develop a preference for the bottle (because the milk flows faster)

    What is this about freezing it and stuff? You can freeze in a regular freezer up to 6 mos, and a deep freeze up to 1 yr.

    Can I formula feed AND breast feed at the same time???

    Yes, but again, the whole recommendation to wait until breastfeeding is well established still holds true here.

    Answer by Krysta622 at 1:44 PM on Nov. 1, 2008

  • yes!!! you can BF and Formula feed. Make a schedule for when the baby can drink Breast Milk and when the baby should drink formula.

    Its not hard to breast taking classes to learn next month :}
    I dont want to pump because i dont feel as close to my baby as I want to feel

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:07 PM on Nov. 1, 2008

  • Pumping does not hurt.

    Yes you can pump and bottle feed, lol, how else would you give it to your baby?

    Yes you can freeze your milk...I think its like up to 6 weeks or something like that. Its nice to get a stockpile if you can, so you can go out for a night of drinking or something and still have BM to give your baby.

    Yes you can give both BM and formula. A lot of moms that I know will formula feed during the day when they are at work, and will Breastfeed in the mornings before hand and at night. Some will pump and just give BM around the clock, and then there are others who were like me that, when I started to notice my BM was not keeping up with her feedings I mixed half and half BM and formula.

    And there will be a lactation consultant that will come and visit you in your hospital room. She will show you how to get the baby to latch on, and answer any questions you have about it.

    Answer by CarolynBarnett at 1:19 PM on Nov. 1, 2008

  • pumping doesnt hurt at all mostly its just boring you can pump and bottle feed but they recommend waiting until after breastfeeding has been established. you can nurse and supplement with formula as well but i think u will find your baby not only likes but tolerates breast milk better than formula. One of the great things about breast milk is it keeps much better than formula. You can leave it in the fridge for up to a week you can freeze it for 3-4 months and you can even let it sit at room temp for 6-10 HOURS before it will go bad. It is very convienent and cost effective. But just like with the c-section question you need to do what is best for you and baby. My son was born 5 weeks early and I tried so hard to get him to nurse. But his suck just wasnt strong enough. After weeks of pumping and break downs I finally switched to formula cont

    Answer by humaniterian87 at 1:21 PM on Nov. 1, 2008

  • i didn't think pumping hurts as much as breast feeding.

     my husband always had to get up and bring baby to me to nurse, and when i was done he put baby back to bed. i never even had to get up.

     freezing is great instead of using formula for when you are gonna be out or sleeping. you can freeze the milk for six months in a fridge freezer and a year in a deep freeze. freeze the milk in freezer bags or just bottles with sealed caps.

    you can use formula and breast feed at the same time if you don't like the idea of pumping. i would say though to wait to bottle feed until the baby has completely learned to latch on.


    Answer by KristaRene at 1:23 PM on Nov. 1, 2008

  • You have lots of questions....I wuold highly suggest joining a breastfeeding group and just read but here are some of my answers in teh meantime...
    here is what i did....about a month or more I started rubbing my nipples w/ a wash cloth and as time went on you get a little rougher...I am not talking so rough you feel like you are in a S&M movie. I also started drinking a tea by Traditional Medicinals about a month before you are due too. I would breastfeed exclusively the first month so you and your baby get a good foundation before you pump. At nighttime have your helpful hubby go get the baby and bring the baby to you. Since you are getting a c-section that will help you alot. It is easier to pump and freeze in the beginning b/c you have LOTS of milk.

    Answer by Loa1002 at 1:24 PM on Nov. 1, 2008

  • CONT... Your body is adjusting to the baby. Your body will make enough milk for you baby. Once the abby is born do not allow the baby to eat anything besides yoru boob. Even if the baby latches on and sucks it is preparing for when you get milk. Nurse on demand in the hospital and after you go home. if you have any questions you can PM me. I highly suggest joining a group too. Got to is up from his nap. :-)

    Answer by Loa1002 at 1:24 PM on Nov. 1, 2008

  • Alot of people made me feel guilty for it but they werent there at 3 in the morning when i hadnt eaten in 24 hours or slept in 3 days and I had to ask myself if I couldnt get the nutrition I needed how could my baby get what he needed from me. But honestly nursing is so much more convienent and cost effective. When baby cries at night you just pull em in bed with you let him nurse (you can keep laying on your side) and then put them back in the bassinette. You dont even have to get out of bed. I cringe everytime I have to put my feet on the cold floor to make a bottle at night ;) Goodluck and don't let anyone guilt trip about not nursing either. Whats important is that your baby is fed whether its by bottle or breast doesnt really matter. What works for one mom may not work for you. Good luck!

    Answer by humaniterian87 at 1:24 PM on Nov. 1, 2008

  • Yes to all the questions. Atleast in my case. I hated pumping. I couldn't get enough out, even w/ a hospital grade pump. It doesn't bother some women, though, so i say it's worth a try. You can freeze milk easily and then bottle feed. Working women do this all the time. I would say you'd probably have to be pretty motivated to keep it up, though.

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:30 PM on Nov. 1, 2008

  • you know i would also mention that, although not for everyone, nursing can not just be uncomfortable, but can be painful. i wished someone would have actually told me it could hurt so i could have prepared myself mentally for nursing. i wanted to do it so bad so i kept at it until i got it, but it hurt for like the first two months and i cried a lot. my son just didn't latch on properly which is why it probably hurt so bad. i would still go back and do it all again though because there is nothing like it. and from what all BF moms say, it is awesome. but do know that it is a sacrifice for the first little bit, though completely worth it!


    Answer by KristaRene at 2:08 PM on Nov. 1, 2008