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Have you ever felt like no matter where you lived,that you didnt quite 'FIT IN'?

I am a 35 y/o divorced mother with 2 children.I can remember from when I was as young as 10 always moving from house to house and school to school. Looking at my own life I can see that I have been living that same unsettled life with my own children and I dont know how to 'JUST STAY PUT', in the same house for more than a few months.To this day I live in a townhouse and the school district is great but the neighbors that live in this cul de sac are all unemployed,some are on drugs,and the neighbor to my left just asked for a ride to pickup his GF an hour away,and the neighbor to my right always asks for milk,or sugar..I dont mind helping but I feel trapped in my own home.Not saying that if it werent this it would be another problem somewhere else.I try to stay settled but ALWAYS find an excuse to move,always! Its depressing,and also I feel like I have nothing in common where ever I end up. Any advice?

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:27 PM on Nov. 6, 2010 in Home & Garden

Answers (7)
  • No advice cuz I feel this way alot also.

    Answer by mom2priceboys at 11:58 PM on Nov. 6, 2010

  • i have always kinda felt like that too. like i would have friends but i would always kind of keep my distance, i could never get to close to anyone. and i often get fed up living in the same place after a year. its very annoying, it kinda scares me to cos i just married this year and i know my husband wants to live here forever, but im already thinking that i would like to move in a year or so, how do you get over this. i just don't know.

    Answer by otoole at 12:07 AM on Nov. 7, 2010

  • I guess my advice would be to stir life up and do things differnt. Your life is all in your control. It sounds like you might be a people pleaser. Our life will not change until we do. Learn to say no and quit worrying what everyone else thinks and truely seek out our own happiness. Take your life back and start enjoying it. " I am my own worst enemy" We can not get away from our decisions so if it is making us miserable we need to look at why and find some solutions... Hugs !!

    Answer by LeJane at 12:43 AM on Nov. 7, 2010

  • We moved alot as a soon as my mom felt unhappy we would up and move. I was doing the same with my kids as well. We live in a small place and I have twice now in the past 2 yrs wanted to move somewhere else...then I had to make myself realize that moving won't make me happy...I need to be happy on the inside first. Sure my neighbors suck, this past summer my next door neighbor accused my husband of stealing her lawn mower, she said she had one just like it...well in the last 4 summers she never did and she should know better anyway, stupid drunken neighbor! I live on a dead end road with 6 other houses and I have my bitching to do with a few of them. but i need to learn to deal with it and just stay put ..because moving doesn't solve anything and it is alot of work

    Answer by wheresthewayout at 1:00 AM on Nov. 7, 2010

  • We also moved a lot when I was a kid. As soon as I would settle in and make friends, my mom moved us across town. Always new schools to deal with. I was a bright child but I was very shy, so it was very hard on me. I, after a while began to feel like I didn't fit in anywhere! I think it was all part of the unstable life. That is not good to do that to a child! When I had my children, I swore I would never do that to them. The only time I would move would be for the better. It worked out that way. We lived in a small house. No basement even. My youngest daughter had one year left in elementary school. We moved to a big two story house. She did her last year of grade school in a new school. She didn't like it at Then middle school...


    Answer by Janet at 1:36 AM on Nov. 7, 2010

  • Join the club. ALthough down south seems less competitive. I grew up in NY and Long Island and there was always a clique whereever I went. In Jersey too. But I guess if I were fat and ugly no would care and treat me better......

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:23 PM on Nov. 7, 2010

  • i also felt that way too i think coz i hated almost all of my neighbors that are true certified gossips...i also hate the drainage system here..wish to have my own nest also here....

    Answer by neng999 at 5:00 PM on Nov. 7, 2010

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