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For those who have 2 or more children

How much different was it when you had your second child? I keep trying to talk my husband into having another child, in hopes that it might calm our busy almost 2 year old son down a tid bit...but he thinks that life will be to overwhelming if we have another one. Whats your take on this?

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Asked by leann74016 at 7:34 PM on Nov. 8, 2010 in Just for Fun

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Answers (12)
  • Cheaper by the dozen .... I don't think it makes that much difference after you've gotten over the shock of having the first.

    Answer by tasches at 7:36 PM on Nov. 8, 2010

  • Nothing changes much, for 2 or three

    Answer by older at 7:37 PM on Nov. 8, 2010

  • Going from one to two was great. Easy to balance and the kids had each other company and run after. They are the best of friends.

    Answer by Melbornj at 7:38 PM on Nov. 8, 2010

  • Having another child wont change your first childs personality.. if he is wild.. then maybe he just wild! lol! My daughter is a riot.. she is very energetic and hyper a lot!.. when my hubby and I got married.. she automatically had a sister.. and they LOVE playing together.. they do everything together.. and it actually gave me and the hubby some time together! Now, they have a new baby sister... and they all just play together.. the older ones are very helpful.. still crazy and loud...but they have other people to play with and things so yes of course its hectic.. but def. not overwhelming!!

    Answer by mohme2three at 7:38 PM on Nov. 8, 2010

  • I have 3 boys . The first two are 3 and a half yrs apart, and the middle and last are 4 yrs apart.
    I did not want two in diapers at the same
    It has its hectic moments, but you kind of just figure it all out
    I do wish I would have had them closer just a bit, because now that they are 15,12 and 7, its hard to find family activities we can all agree on.

    Answer by jennient3 at 7:39 PM on Nov. 8, 2010

  • To me another didn't make alot of difference. You will be the one doing most of the work anyway, right?

    Answer by arenad at 7:41 PM on Nov. 8, 2010

  • I have 2 children....3 and 1...My hair is now clogging the drain :/

    Answer by ryanlynn at 7:42 PM on Nov. 8, 2010

  • Wow, I'll be the odd man out here and tell you that going from one to two was a HUGE change!!! OMG! Its not double the work, its quadruple the work. I adore my kids but the first 2 years of my 2nd's life was probably the most difficult of mine. No more sleeping when your only sleeps, no more break when your husband takes your only to the store, etc. And as much as my kids love eachother and have great periods of playing together and keeping eachother occupied, there are MORE times when they are fighting, they can fight over NOTHING. 90% of my challenges with the kids are their interraction with eachother, lol. Bottom line, its my family, I love them to pieces, wouldn't change it for the world, but going from 1 to 2 made having 1 seem like NONE. Seriously. One child is a piece of cake, 2, not so much.

    Answer by gramsmom at 7:47 PM on Nov. 8, 2010

  • I always wanted two so they would always have someon to play with. Two is double the work at first, then when they get older 3ish, they play together and need you less.
    I always say I only have 2 hands so I would never have 3 kids.

    Answer by dancinintherain at 7:47 PM on Nov. 8, 2010

  • At first, it was really really hard to go from 1 to 2. My oldest was three years old and every time I sat down to nurse, my toddler needed attention. It was very stressful for the first couple of months. After that, it was so much easier! Now they are 5 and 8 and my youngest is the sunshine in my life. He's incredible! Also, my kids are such good friends.

    Answer by JulieJacobKyle at 8:05 PM on Nov. 8, 2010

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