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Which will you choose for your kids when flying, scanner or pat down?

We will be traveling at Thanksgiving. I am leaning towards the scan. Eventhough I am not a fan of radiation exposure, we fly infrequently, and think that the pat down can be too much for a kid (or for me for that matter). I saw a bit on the news last night saying that pilots have complained about the pat down and a few have even been unable to fly afterwards because they could not keep their focus on flying. They felt violated and that's all they could concentrate on. Has anyone else made this decision yet and flown? What happened and what was the experience?

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Asked by stacyhpt at 8:52 AM on Nov. 10, 2010 in General Parenting

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  • I had both in Tampa. It was really not a great experince because th Homeland Security guard told me to make sure my shirt did not go up since I had a t shirt and am a 36c-d cup. What an a@@.........

    Answer by mamacita69930 at 9:00 AM on Nov. 10, 2010

  • A radio personality that my husband and I listen to frequently spent two days just doing call-ins from people who have flown since the new pat down protocols have been put into place. I will NOT be flying, period. I will not sacrifice my basic human dignity. I'm sorry this is a choice you have to make. If I were you I would seriously consider driving, taking a train or a bus before I would submit to their perversion.

    Answer by Jenny-talia at 9:02 AM on Nov. 10, 2010

  • I didin't even know that was a rule. I have not flown since July 2009.

    Answer by KairisMama at 9:57 AM on Nov. 10, 2010

  • As of Nov 1, where the new scanners are available (in 65 airports) you have to choose one or the other.

    Comment by stacyhpt (original poster) at 10:28 AM on Nov. 10, 2010

  • Pat down meaning the walk through and if you beep you get pat down? We just flew with our son and choose the pat down. They have a family line and we were not stopped for anything. It was quick and easy. I am going to wait on doing the scanner until they have been in place a bit longer. Personally, I would feel more violated going into the scan because someone "in a remote location" sees your WHOLE body and I mean everything. That seems a bit more violating then getting wanded IF you are choosen or beep.

    Answer by mama_l at 10:40 AM on Nov. 10, 2010

  • The "new" pat down is only for the security lines that have the "new" scanners. They are the Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) scanners. With the new pat downs the security person is supposed to press firmly on every inch of your body including butt, breasts and other private areas. You are supposed to be able to request a same sex person to perform it and to request it be done in a private room. However these are given as options and may not be available right at that moment. So you may get the choice of a man performing it on you in front of everyone or you can wait until your choice is available. I do feel that to be a violation but I am more concerned with my son who is 9. I think both are invasive but I am thinking of what he is going to take away from the experience. We have told him that it is not acceptable for adults to touch him in those areas (butt, crotch etc). With a scanner he is unaware.

    Comment by stacyhpt (original poster) at 11:01 AM on Nov. 10, 2010

  • With your son, I agree, go for the scanner... the psycological implications of a pat down on a child who doesn't know why this is happening to them couldn't possibly be good.... It is another matter with adults who are completely aware of what is going on... then it is their choice.

    Answer by momof2redhedz at 2:00 PM on Nov. 10, 2010

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