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My oldest is going into the Navy in less than two weeks and I am having a hard time with it. Anyone else out there who has kids in the millitary?


Asked by lucy7 at 7:14 PM on Nov. 2, 2008 in Adult Children (18+)

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Answers (9)
  • Hi! My son is going on 20 and he has been in the Army since just after his 18th birthday and high school graduation. He's currently in Iraq. All you can do is be brave and let him go. Know that he's providing an incredible service for his country, one for which you should be proud. The military will take good care of him, as best they can.

    Encourage him. Support him in what he wants to do with his life. Tell him often how much you love him and how proud you are of him. I tell my son every day in emails, and each time he calls,

    Familiarize yourself with what he's going to be going through. When he goes off to basic training, go with him to the Processing Center and watch him as he is sworn in and take pictures. Make a scrapbook of his military career. Go to his basic training graduation! Have him a "send-off" party just before he leaves for basic.

    Answer by KayLeyWade at 10:56 AM on Nov. 3, 2008

  • I am not a mom to anyone who is military but I am a military wife. I know as a wife that it is hard at times but it will get better in time. I recommend finding some kind of group for military moms or something. I believe they have several groups to chose from. Hope this helps you.

    Answer by Anonymous at 7:59 PM on Nov. 2, 2008

  • i have 2 boys in the national guard, one is full time now. they have both been deployed to iraq, one in 2003 and one in 2004 and are both home now...........yes, it is very hard........but mine both live close since they are only in the guard and not active duty...............

    Answer by twarmymm at 12:09 AM on Nov. 3, 2008

  • Check out the support groups here on Cafemom for military moms:-))))

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:53 PM on Nov. 3, 2008

  • I dont have a child in the military but I am a military wife. My husband is in the army and has been overseas once before and is going on deplyoment number 2 in jan 09. It's something he wants to do and there for all we can do is support him he has been in for 6 years and just reupped for another 6 years. There are support groups through his unit that can help you. you need to just let him go and do what he wants to do. If you dont let him he will just say screw you he is a big boy now and its his choice.

    Answer by dewey_scoles at 11:13 AM on Nov. 4, 2008

  • there are these web sites specifically for whatever branch your kids in...its like cafemom...the moms parts still right but its only for moms of military kids

    Answer by Killemo at 10:23 PM on Nov. 4, 2008

  • There are many Moms here in your position; I was for three years-even when my son's unit was getting called to active duty for Iraq. You will survive it,but,it will be hard and you will feel as if you are alone in this. You arent. There are many groups here to support you. Research the Military Moms groups here. Great people with great information and support. Promise!! One last thing: do you have a FRG in your area? they can be of great help at times.

    Answer by guardmp_MOM at 3:46 PM on Nov. 9, 2008

  • well at least there is one thing that i know for a fact, and that is "At least your son is not in the Army like my husband is". The Navy is simple, they will be doing a lot of things like cleaning the cargo and yes, LOTS of cleaning which can turn your son into a house cleaner someday :D

    but seriously, you dont need to worry about your son. My husband is in the army and he has not been deployed to iraq yet fortunately. and he has been in the army for over 3 years. thank god =D

    Answer by __baovang at 10:18 PM on Nov. 12, 2008

  • I don't have a child in the military - yet - but my 17 y/o daughter has already made plans to join when she graduates high school so that she can further her education, travel, and serve our country. We are already a military family and it has been a good life for us, even with all the lengthy deployments.

    baovanq - cleaning is not the only job in the Navy....LOL. There are a TON of jobs in the Navy - some include high security and high risk. Some of the security and risk are even greater than the other branches of the military.


    Answer by PrydferthMenyw at 3:24 PM on Nov. 16, 2008