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Lactose Intollerance info. (LI=Lactose Intollerant) adult content

As a LI mother with LI kids, I would like to share info. for those who just aren't sure.
You do not have to be born LI, most people become LI at a later age, My father did at the age of 30 & I did at the age of 16 passing it on to my kids at birth.
What is LI? It's your bodies inability to break down milk sugars in dairy.
When you start to become LI it tends to happen in stages and get worse over time.
Stage 1 is just gas after you have dairy products.
Stage 2 gas becomes gut wrenching pain.
Stage 3 gut wrenching gas is accompanied by diarrhea.
Stage 4 diarrhea within 10-30 minutes of eating.
The good news is you can still enjoy all your cheeses, ice creams etc.. by taking lactaid pills and or using lactaid milk. They have started selling generic lactaid pills in dollar general for $4 a box. If you can't swallow pills they do sell great tasting chewables at drug stores. Thanks to lactaid we eat like normal people.


Asked by 405mom at 12:44 PM on Nov. 12, 2010 in Food & Drink

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Answers (7)
  • From your chart I guess I'm a stage 4. And I didn't get this way until I hit my teens and had stopped drinking milk. I don't bother with the pills or the Lactose free milk. I eat my ice cream at home and drink almond milk, eat hard cheeses and some yoghurt. I've learned that I can build up a small tolerance in a weeks time but it's only to about 6 ozs of whole milk, but I'd have to keep drinking 6 ozs of milk daily. I don't like milk enough to keep at it. Anything with heavy cream throws it off so I have to be careful of the creamy soups. Those too are for eating at home. I've been following vegetarian requirements for my calcium intakes and taking a daily multi vitamin for years now.

    Thanks for the link.

    Answer by isabellalecour at 10:46 PM on Nov. 12, 2010

  • Just FYI, but a lot of cheeses are certified to be lactose free. I know Cabot brand is, for example. Label reading is a must.

    Answer by ballewal at 12:46 PM on Nov. 12, 2010

  • Thanks. I suspect I'm lactose intolerant because I get a really upset stomach and gas after I drink milk. Strangely, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc. don't bother me unless I eat a LOT of it at once.

    My boys though, have no problem with milk at home, but they get sick if they drink the milk supplied at school.

    Answer by geminilove at 1:20 PM on Nov. 12, 2010

  • Use this link to request a free sample of lactaid brand pills however I reccomend buying the generic brands because they are cheaper and just as effective. A final tip: you can also break them in half and save half a pill for the next time.


    Comment by 405mom (original poster) at 12:48 PM on Nov. 12, 2010

  • Yes ball they are coming out with more and more lactose free products which is great! The lactose free milks etc even have a longer shelf life than regular milks etc..

    Comment by 405mom (original poster) at 12:50 PM on Nov. 12, 2010

  • Yes gemini small amounts can sometimes be tolerated, I can eat 1 slice of cheese and be fine but if I have 2 I need to take a pill.

    Comment by 405mom (original poster) at 1:23 PM on Nov. 12, 2010

  • ultimate aloe work miricles i took that cause i coldnt eat anything without running and pain so i started and it really works can go without it butt it repaired what it has to

    Answer by gianna530 at 11:36 PM on Nov. 12, 2010