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What to do about a mother who is harrassing your kids! adult content

There is a mother of a child that has been a bully to my daughter, that has took it in her own hand and has been joining in on what the girl was doing!!! She even came in on my daughter at school! The school didn't do anything but told her to not do that anymore... Now it's my son she has targeted. I can't seem to know why she thinks this is right or why she has targeted us but what should i do. When we are out in public she jumps up at us yells us there will be pay backs and her duaghter is there while she does these things. she hasn't touched them but she has jumped at them and said bad things. My kids are afraid to go anywhere where they might be!!!???


Asked by Anonymous at 11:36 PM on Nov. 14, 2010 in General Parenting

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Answers (7)
  • I honestly don't know much about PPO's or anything of the sort but I really think something has to have happened, more then words, to get one. Not that I agree, but from what I hear, that is the case. I would talk to the school and make them understand. They may try and push it off but they need to know how serious this has gotten. That she has gotten into your childs face and whatnot. And even if you can't get a protection order or anthing try and go file a report or at least keep your own record. This women sounds like a loose cannon! IF anything were to happen and you had proof that you had TRIED to get protection it will help you out a lot!

    Answer by ILoveCade at 11:58 PM on Nov. 14, 2010

  • oh yeah time to get a no contact order. go down tt the courthouse and file, that way any kind of contact, even third party or a note she will be in violation. no contact orders are easy to get and fre.

    Answer by momslikeme366 at 11:39 PM on Nov. 14, 2010

  • I would talk to the school and see if they can help provide mediation between you and this mom. There should be some kind of agreement at the end about how you two are going to treat each other, as well as some kind of consequence if that doesn't work (like a constraining order). Make sure you go through proper channels and get other authorities involved or it could get uglier, and your kids will pay the consequences!

    Answer by Adelicious at 11:42 PM on Nov. 14, 2010

  • I agree with the first poster. 

    However, if it was my child, I probably would have flipped out on her and said something about it. I would have gone off on that chick do damn hard, she never would have even looked at my kids again! 


    Answer by Punky_1981 at 11:42 PM on Nov. 14, 2010

  • I've been everywhere to get what ever I could even to the sheriff's dept. and it seems like if your not family or in a sexual relationship with someone no one will help!!! "OH" By the way I live in a very small town and I feel that they don't know the prodigal to get this person some help either. We need protection. SHE NEEDS HELP!!!


    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 11:45 PM on Nov. 14, 2010

  • Hey I think that would help since the school said she didn't touch them physically. She has threatened them with the words pay back there Will be pay backs. And I don't know what she is even talking about. I don't even know the chick that well! I think that she just picked up on her daughters bully problem against my kids and went crazy with it. I haven't said or done anything to her so that I couldn't be accused of doing something. She is now doing stuff off school grounds. and has attempted to call us on the phone. I don't want any part in this. She is way bigger than me and apparently has rage issues!!!


    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 12:11 AM on Nov. 15, 2010

  • Well, in my experience bullies learn to be that way from a parent (or older adult they know). My guess would be the girls are bullying/having problems with your daughter and the mother is taking things into her own hands! Obviously not being a good example for her children! Just talk to whoever possible, teacher, principal see what the police say and always, always make sure someone is with your daughter so nothing can happend to her alone!

    Answer by ILoveCade at 12:19 AM on Nov. 15, 2010