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what is wrong with my family

ok ladies I really need some help here seven years ago I had a little girl with another man only to find out he slept with anything that had two legs and I mean literally everything with two legs. He was also doing meth, crack cocaine and weed and then hit my daughter at six months of age leaving a bruise so I left him and a year later terminated his rights then met another man two years later and he adopted her and now I have learned that her bilogical father has been calling my family getting info and pics from her I'm irate and let them have and was told I'm over reacting so am I or are they just not respecting me here what ya'll say?

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Asked by Anonymous at 7:12 PM on Nov. 3, 2008 in Relationships

Answers (7)
  • She is no longer his child so they should honor that. He might want to find her and harm her or kidnap her or even worse, confuse and emotionally cause her stress. They need to tell him to ask you and let you handle it. They need to stay out of it. You are NOT over reacting. Addicts are unpredictable and dangerous ppl. They will play on sympathies. I was married to one. He was always crying about his children but he never did anything for them. You were smart to sever those ties. Tell your family to respect that.

    Answer by admckenzie at 7:25 PM on Nov. 3, 2008

  • I couldn't have said it better myself, and probably wouldn't, but I agree wholeheartedly. If the biofather had any interest, he'd contact you himself instead of going through your family. I smell a rat. Your family needs to respect you and stay out of the situation. If they do not, you may have to take legal action against THEM.

    Answer by rhope4 at 7:34 PM on Nov. 3, 2008

  • wow i would never talk with my family ever again. they should have told you from the very start and the fact they didn't tells me they know you would not be happy about it. they shouldn't of done that and i'm with you. i would be irate as well. they were wrong. he has no rights and never cared until now. it should be up to you on whether or not he should get any info on yours and your husbands child. we all know that the new dad has been more to her then her sperm donor.

    Answer by melody77 at 7:37 PM on Nov. 3, 2008

  • Boy...Your family seems a wee bit disrespectful...But don't despair...You should get a restraining order on him cause it sound as if he has a hidden agenda. All he has are pics right now, but they may not know him like you know him, you can get the restraining order to restrict him from contacting them too...Don't get angry, get active..Get this mess off of your heart..


    Answer by Star419 at 9:35 PM on Nov. 3, 2008

  • Wow, why does your family feel he has any right to be informed of your daughters life anyway ? I would be pissed!!! They are so out of line ! Big time Disrespecting you , your daughter, and the man that she calls Daddy!

    Answer by h2obare at 6:54 AM on Nov. 4, 2008

  • I think you're over reacting. His life has probably changed or your family wouldn't even be in contact with him. Just because you cut off his rights and allowed another man to be her dad doesn't change the fact that he is her father. And that's exactly how your family sees it. Blood should always come first.

    Answer by Chrissy629 at 8:44 AM on Nov. 4, 2008

  • If they were truely your family they wouldnt be in contact with this man.He gave up his rights or you couldnt of let some one else adobt her.She is no longer his child ever.Dont give your family members pics or even let them see her if this is the respect you are given.I wouldnt trust they wouldnt sneak an let him see her.YOur asking for more problems to trust that family memeber

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:16 PM on Nov. 4, 2008

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