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How Would You Handle Your 3 Year Old In Public?

How would you handle a 3 year old while waiting at the doctors office, with a 1 year old in a stroller and her with a puppy leash on her back? Climbing off and on the chair in the waiting room, constantly bugging the nurse (she shouldn't have promised her a sticker and expect her to wait until after a 30 min appt.), walking non stop talking loudly in the little room while the dr. is talking to me (with my son on my lap being examined), eventually turned the lightswitch off. That was embarassing, me trying to find the light in the dark. The poor dr. is trying not to be bumped my her, as she's 8 mos. pregnant. My daughter has all of a sudden went into this "I'm not going to listen to you mode." It didn't help that it took 2 hours, when both kids were over due for a nap and refused one earlier. If I was at home I would have raised my voice stearnly and given her a smack for not listening to direction, but in public?


Asked by Anonymous at 10:00 AM on Nov. 17, 2010 in Preschoolers (3-4)

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Answers (4)
  • I would have taken her to the restroom! Sometimes kiddos have melt downs, I probably would have left, unless my younger one was sick! 2 hours is a long time to be at the doctor's office! The good news is, I am sure your doctor is used to it!

    Answer by kimigogo at 10:11 AM on Nov. 17, 2010

  • Don't treat your children any different in public than you would in private--it will teach them that it's OK to misbehave in public... Grab her little arm and march the young offender to a place where less people are and discipline her like she were at home. If you feel that you can't use your "home" methods in public places, you might need to decide if your "home" methods are even appropriate...

    Answer by GoodyBrook at 10:05 AM on Nov. 17, 2010

  • Lol. Children will continue to act out in public if you dont apply the smae rules at home as you do when you go out. If you dont want anyone to see or hear take her to the restroom. That way she knows that she cant behave like that anywhere. She sounds cute though.

    Answer by Jenaiko01 at 10:05 AM on Nov. 17, 2010

  • Be strict. No matter where you are.

    Answer by sstepph at 2:05 PM on Nov. 17, 2010