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i am 14 years old and going through my first pregnancy. im scared and dont know what to expect. what should i be expecting in my nine monthes?

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Asked by mallie93 at 7:22 AM on Jul. 5, 2008 in Pregnancy

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  • being exhausted towards the end, you probably wont show till your in your early 20 weeks (most people don't show till then). the best thing for you to do is probably talk to you mom, aunt someone in your family though, to get a better idea of what they went through, cause alot of what i am doing is what my mom went through and my grandmother lol, it's kinda funny but everyone's experience is different, your gonna swell up, but like i said you might want to get a better idea from family, cause like gestational diabetes and things of that sort, my mom didn't have but my grandmother did, and anemia my grandmother didnt have but my mom did. just make sure you eat right, and be careful on the sweets!, it'll be okay don't be scared, it's a pleasurable experience, and think you get to get waited on hand and foot ;) especially towards the end :D. just one question... does your parents know?, and is the father gonna be apart of it?

    Answer by enjen at 8:29 AM on Jul. 5, 2008

  • good luck sweetie if you need to stress or vent you can write me and talk, it helps to get stress off your chest when you think no one else will listen, or be supportive!

    Answer by enjen at 8:30 AM on Jul. 5, 2008

  • I remember my stomach started to itch some toward the end. I tried to put lotion on a couple of times a day to ease that. I had this fear of stretch marks. Then someone told me that they were hereditary and that if you get them... you just do. I guess I was lucky. My sister did get them but I didn't. Anyway, I had to find a new way to sleep when I got really big. I always used to sleep on my stomach. You might have to get a couple of new bra's. You definitely can gain a cup size or more by the end of it all. You might have some hormonal times where you feel like crying more or get upset more easily. Kinda like PMS turned up a notch. Lots of people get cravings for specific foods. You might feel your baby hiccup inside of you after you eat a certain food. Macaroni and Cheese did that to my son. It is good to read books like "What to Expect When You are Expecting" etc. They tell you pretty much all the techincal things you could ever want to know.


    Answer by mmli_4 at 10:14 AM on Jul. 5, 2008

  • you can read all the books, talk to everyone you know with kids, watch all the shows and internet sites following different birthing stories. All of these things put me at ease when I was pregnant at 18. The only true advice is to pay close attention to your body and of course go to the doctor regularly. Most important my mama told me is to be as stress free as possible. I believe it actually affects the child. Think positive and happy even though you are scared out of your mind!

    Answer by brimarie8 at 12:00 PM on Jul. 5, 2008

  • You have to read A Girlfriends Guide to Pregancy. It is the best and it reads like you are talking to a close friend. Very funny and helpful.

    Answer by summerbudbud at 1:11 PM on Jul. 5, 2008

  • I'd talk to someone you feel close to. I know that it can be hard but it's for the safety of you and your baby. You can expect to be very tired and uncomfertable when you reach your 3rd trimester. It's very hard but their worth it in the end. I haven't had mine yet but I'm close so if you have any questions I'll be happy to help with what I can. Good luck

    Answer by Heidikans at 3:53 PM on Jul. 5, 2008

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