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Ever feel like people are being mean just because they can?

Does it make you mad at them or do you pity them? Like, if you ask a question, can be a pretty harmless question and then you get a mean answer. Don't you wish you could just hit a generic mean button and wipe em out. LOL

(this is not about anyone in particular, I was browsing around the answers sections and I noticed about 6 mean answers that seemed to just be mean for no other reason than to just be mean. ) Makes you kinda think there are some very unhappy people out there. I guess I don't get mad at them or even waste my time to pity them, it just makes them "look" like they are pretty insignificant as a person, sort of bankrupt of personableness and sensibility and they try to make other people feel bad too because they don't feel good about themselves.
I put this in Relationships because it's about people and how they relate to others (and themselves).


Asked by ShelbyShareAlot at 6:44 PM on Nov. 18, 2010 in Relationships

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Answers (11)
  • KatiPeas, I really don't think that's what the OP is talking about.... Sometimes women on here get downright nasty, making personal attacks for no good reason at all, and not related to the question asked in the first place. Yes, we're all adults and we can all handle it, but that doesn't make it okay. I've made my share of nasty comments, in response to other people attacking me, but I do try to avoid it. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should...

    Answer by Anouck at 6:53 PM on Nov. 18, 2010

  • I think people are a lot "braver" online than they would be in person, for sure. Especially those hiding behind the anonymous button... I don't get mad about it, I think it's just lame. Plus, it's online, not like I have to associate with those people in real life. Matter of fact, I wouldn't.

    Answer by Anouck at 6:46 PM on Nov. 18, 2010

  • Ahh, the wonders of the internet. Gotta love e-thugs! Not. Didn't you know? Everyone is much braver when hiding behind a computer screen.

    Answer by -AJ at 7:11 PM on Nov. 18, 2010

  • thanks for the clarification OP. i get ya know. but you also have to consider that none of know what is going on in a bitchy rude woman's life. she might answer a question that way because her home life is hell and a petty nonsense question irked her to the last limit. who knows?

    Answer by katiPeas at 7:48 PM on Nov. 18, 2010

  • what is with this path of questions in the answers section today? unless someone is OUTRIGHT BASHING it is pretty hard to tell someone's intent or attitude in WRITING. what seems mean or rude to one person might just be blunt and outright to another. yes there are some who are outright bashing the heck out of someone. heck i posted at least one call out myself today on a post of complete utter BS. its online, its open to interpretation and if anyone cant hack getting an answer that is less than the type a coddling enabling mother might make, then they dont belong online. i am rather thoroughly sick of the lack of big girl panties today around here.

    Answer by katiPeas at 6:48 PM on Nov. 18, 2010

  • You know people are going to say and do what they want whether they are on line or off. Yes people on here can be rude and I'm not talking about being blunt or out spoken I'm talking about straight out rude. Once again though you can take it personally which I think can be a bit silly because these women dont know you from adam or you can let it go. I dont think that your not a big girl or your not wearing your "big girl panties" because you dont appreciates someones rudeness and name calling. I actaully think the rude girls need to put on some big girl panties and stop acting like little teeny boppers. Suck it up or dont read it.

    Answer by Jenaiko01 at 7:03 PM on Nov. 18, 2010

  • It is easy to hide behind a computer and bash others. I try to give people the same respect they give me.

    Answer by tracylyn245 at 7:09 PM on Nov. 18, 2010

  • LOL KatiPeas. for the sake of clarity, here's an example.... (not an actual question cuz I'm not out to point a finger at anyone,just talking about the subject at hand.)
    Question - Should I cook meatloaf or chicken for dinner?
    Answer - This is a stupid question.

    Now - there's little to be left to interpretation there, and pretty obvious the person answering was just being mean. I'm not talking about misinterpretations or misunderstandings - I'm talking about off the cuff mean responses.

    Comment by ShelbyShareAlot (original poster) at 6:58 PM on Nov. 18, 2010

  • Nope. I think they're:
    1. misunderstood (easy to do online)
    2. pissed off, and misdirecting their anger (or it really is a stupid question, and that's what pissed them off)
    3. just being honest, and people are too damn sensitive. IMO, if you don't want to know the answer to a question (or are going to get mad b/c they disagree with you) then you shouldn't be asking it.

    Answer by SAMNMAYASMOM at 12:49 AM on Nov. 19, 2010

  • Well - it's still the wrong kind of world when you're the one in a bad mood, you're the one who didn't understand the question or you're not sensitive enough to realize that what you say sometimes, as well as how you say it does affect people. Misdirecting your anger at an innocent person isn't okay, isn't acceptable and certainly isn't the kind of thing that a responsible adult does. People owe it to themselves to be the kind of person their child could be proud of instead of the kind of person they'd protect their child from on a playground.

    Comment by ShelbyShareAlot (original poster) at 7:15 AM on Nov. 19, 2010