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I know you still hate Obama, but...

I know some of you still hate Obama, but now that you don't have convince people not to vote for him can we please stop all the nasty political questions????



Asked by Anonymous at 11:22 PM on Nov. 4, 2008 in Politics & Current Events

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Answers (16)
  • Maureen MD- you won't like it here in Canada. We have socialized health care.... have had it since WWII! If you're not into that, you're probably better off where you are!

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:49 PM on Nov. 4, 2008

  • hahah yeah right. it will never stop.

    Answer by KelsoBabeyy at 11:26 PM on Nov. 4, 2008

  • NO!!! I will bash obama for the rest of his life! I dont believe people are saying he won its not anything officail yet its all projected numbers.

    Answer by twototsmom at 11:30 PM on Nov. 4, 2008

  • This country just committed suicide. Do you think it's going to stop?

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:30 PM on Nov. 4, 2008

  • You cannot fix stupid and the people that insist on starting political drama on this site are, well....unable to be fixed. Sorry.....

    Answer by PROGENITOR at 11:31 PM on Nov. 4, 2008

  • I am absolutely terrified that Obama won. This man has next to no experience and is sooooo nieve. I am ready to run for the canadian border

    Answer by Maureen-MD at 11:32 PM on Nov. 4, 2008

  • Or even Russia at this point. Communism is sounding better and better

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:40 PM on Nov. 4, 2008

  • Ignorance and you call yourselves mommy. This is how discrimination seeps into our childrens minds, by listening to their ignorant parents not so smart remarks.

    Answer by lilmsnay83 at 11:42 PM on Nov. 4, 2008

  • I love how us Republicans are always the ones being "nasty" according to you Obama supporters. Even though from the beginning the news media has been biased in their coverage- pushing Obama as the best candidate. And here's something else for you; just after the latest results showed Obama had won, an African American says to us "Barack Obama won ya f*ing crackers". And so it begins....

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:45 PM on Nov. 4, 2008

  • Wow, I can't believe that all thisnon-belief is still going on. Then again, it's probably just getting started. Either way, have any of the people who are bashing either way (JM or BO) stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, their negative attitude is wrongfully placed? The President is not the only person running our country. He has a whole team behind him. And if those that are too busy bashing and just flat out throwing their negativity around (and I'm in no way saying that freedom of speech doesn't apply, but that there's a big difference between speaking your mind and down right bashing) would stop for a moment and TRY TO THINK POSITIVE and give BO the benefit of the doubt, they might actually start to see the positive side of him and his honest yearning to change our country. I am proud to say that I voted for him and see him as a welcomed change to our country.

    Answer by LovingParent08 at 11:47 PM on Nov. 4, 2008