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What is a good bed time for a 6 and 8 year old

I live in Spain and am always debating with my neighbors about bed times. I send my kids off to bed at 8 during the week and 8:30 during the weekend. They let their kids stay up alot later. I can't remember when my mother made me go to bed and some times I doubt if I send them to bed too soon. So what you guys think is a good bed time?

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Asked by Taylor82 at 5:54 AM on Nov. 25, 2010 in General Parenting

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  • My boys are 5 & 7. They go to bed between 8-8:30, during the week and by 10, on the weekends.

    Answer by BrandonsMom1000 at 5:59 AM on Nov. 25, 2010

  • between 8-9pm

    Answer by Zoeyis at 6:00 AM on Nov. 25, 2010

  • I think 8 to 9 is appropriate. But in Spain the culture is different. They stay up very late and often take afternoon "siestas". That does not mean either is wrong just that they are different. They have worked for both for a long, long time. Why argue about it? We need to appreciate the differences and not have to have everyone the same. Maybe your family could have a Spainish night once a month or something. Relax and enjoy their culture.

    Answer by tootoobusy at 6:10 AM on Nov. 25, 2010

  • At that age my two went to bed no later than 8 every day. Weekends were later only if we had company or we were visiting relatives.

    Answer by elizabr at 6:47 AM on Nov. 25, 2010

  • My 10 yr old didnt start staying up past 830 until he was 9, now his bed time is 9pm on weekdays and 10 on weekends. The twins (who are almost 4) go to bed at 8pm everyday.

    Answer by AingealsBabies at 7:51 AM on Nov. 25, 2010

  • First, I am jealous you live in Spain. How wonderful. Second, we send my four year old to bed at seven thirty. When he hits five we will have him go to bed at eight. Most young kids need about ten hours of sleep because their brains are developing and taking in so much new information. That's why infants sleep the way they do. You have the most brain development the first two years of life. So a good sound sleep schedule is important for infants. For older kids their job, an important one, is to be learning all that good scholarly information that sets the foundation for their future. A good bed time and plenty of rest lets their bodies and brains relax, recover, and reset for the next day. While we are sleeping we are also processing the day's events. We work even while sleeping. Your bed time sounds appropriate for their age. I have friends who let their kids stay up past ten....not bad parents just different outlook.


    Answer by frogdawg at 8:36 AM on Nov. 25, 2010

  • an old class mate of mine is living in spain. he has a wonderful blog, and touched on this subject a while back. he said the culture there is so much different than what he grew up with in the states, how spaniards live each day, etc. he said here, they would put their kids to bed by 8pm, but in spain, they usually go down around 10pm. he said everything is basically 2 hours later there than here - meal times, school start time and end time, etc. i personally put my kids to bed between 7-8pm.

    Answer by annanonnymommy at 11:40 AM on Nov. 25, 2010

  • My kids are 5 and 8. I try to get them to bed at 7 pm. By the time they read and get a drink of water or whatever, it's probably 7:15-7:20 these days. If they go to bed any later than 8, they are so crabby the next day.

    Answer by JulieJacobKyle at 12:09 PM on Nov. 25, 2010

  • 7 PM for my 4,3, and 1 year old, 8 PM for my 7 year old! All week, even weekends

    Answer by JoLee12345 at 12:25 PM on Nov. 25, 2010

  • in the week my 8 year old goes to bed at 8pm and on the weekend at 9pm

    Answer by lillan at 3:02 PM on Nov. 26, 2010

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