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my guppy fish keep giving birth,

weve recently got a tropical fishtank, with some neons, molly crabs and guppies but it seem the female guppies keep giving birth is this normal???

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Asked by Anonymous at 5:48 AM on Nov. 5, 2008 in Pets

Answers (9)
  • yup... thats what guppies do. ;)

    you have two of them (male/female) and they wont stop having fishy love ;)

    Answer by m.robertson811 at 6:08 AM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • lol

    Answer by ___kerry___ at 6:37 AM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • yep... they are live bearers. Very fertile little guys.

    The only way to prevent it is to have 2 males. Females may be pg when you buy them.
    If you are going to continue "breeding" them you will need another female most likely. It is very dangerous to have a lone male and female combo. He will end up killing her due to stress. He will run her to death trying to mate.
    Keep an eye on the Mollies as well. If you have males they may attack the guppies. Mollies are not as sweet as everyone thinks. Also, a tank breeder or lots of live plants are a good option as well so that the other fish don't eat the babies.
    If you keep them you will need at least a 55-75 gallon tank to avoid ammonia/nitrite issues.
    I've kept fish for over 20 years so if you have questions let me know.

    Answer by mcginnisc at 7:57 AM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • They mate continually. Also, they will eat their babies as soon as they are born if they are hungry and not enough vegetation for the babies to hide in. If the lighting and temperature is right, they will keep on having babies.

    Answer by goinginsane1 at 5:59 PM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • maybe thats what i need to cats like to get their snack from the fish

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:48 PM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • lol thanks guys, very helpful, im gonna sort this problem out, lol randy buggers lmao!!!!!

    Answer by ___kerry___ at 4:18 AM on Nov. 6, 2008

  • I'll tell ya what, I've got 3 tanks now... a 12 gallon for the males, a 10 gallon for the females, and a 2.5 gallon for the itty bitty babies. Trying to keep them separate for now, lol... a good ratio for guppies is either any number females together, any number males together, OR 1 male to 2 or 3 females, but yeah... guppy females can store like 6 pouches of sperm at a time too and can give birth every 30 days or so. The general rule is 1 gallon water per adult guppy. Here's a link to a group I'm in called Guppy Talk... really great group... lots of info!


    Answer by Nunyabiznes at 12:29 PM on Nov. 6, 2008

  • lol.. hey, free fish food.. it is the circle of life :)

    Answer by ZoeKatsMom at 2:51 PM on Nov. 6, 2008

  • LOL yes it's very normal. I worked at two separate pet stores and those frickin guppies always gave up problems. We'd even get them SHIPPED to us with babies in their water bags. We'd always end up with an overstock because once a month we'd do fish inventory, (and YES we had to count every single frickin fish) and we'd always have too many guppies.

    Answer by MarlyeGirl at 2:55 PM on Nov. 6, 2008

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