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For those that supported McCain - your honest answers please?

Last night, Focus on the Family's webcast stated that within 6 months no one will want to admit that they voted for Barack Obama?

While I did not support Obama, I find that hard to believe. I don't think our country is really go to fall apart, at least not to that extent....... I think, in the end, Obama will be an okay president.

But if you believe the statement from the Focus on the family, please tell me what you think exactly will happen.


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Asked by Anonymous at 9:00 AM on Nov. 5, 2008 in Politics & Current Events

Answers (81)
  • He's a liar and can't be trusted and it will come out.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:12 AM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • I'm not thrilled with Obama at all. I truly hope that our nation doesn't fall apart. I think what worries me the most is the whole "war" thing.

    Answer by ReneeK3 at 9:13 AM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • We will be a second world country . The reason everyone around the world is celebrating is because they can see a weak leader in Obama and know our ruination is quick to follow. All the "disenfranchised voters" i.e. Lifers on Welfare will be even worse off in 4 years than they are now which will be the irony in the situation.
    What's sad is all of the rest of us who have ALWAYS worked hard and ALWAYS done the right thing will suffer too .
    I heard Toronto was a nice city ....


    Answer by Anonymous at 9:15 AM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • They haven't even shown proof he is eligeable to be president ... where is the birth certifiate ???

    Answer by jamiinvegas at 9:16 AM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • we are a 2nd world country NOW technically.....

    i agree.... i dont think he can change us......only we can...and it anit going to happen in the next 4 years....

    i am soooo worried about the "war" issue!!!

    How's the weather in canada? hahaha

    Answer by JuLiAnSmOmMy317 at 9:17 AM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • I did find out last night he did have proof of the birth certificate and it was legal I still voted for MCain and I thought he bowed out with a lot of class

    Answer by Beccah2 at 9:19 AM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • Answered at 9:12 AM on Nov. 5, 2008 by: Anonymous
    He's a liar and can't be trusted and it will come out.

    Hey Anon, ALL politicians are liars!!!! Every last one of them. And you really can not trust any of them.

    Answered at 9:15 AM on Nov. 5, 2008 by: Anonymous
    I heard Toronto was a nice city ....
    It is a nice city just remember Canada has the managed health care that our country may be headed towards!!!

    Answer by jillyansmommy at 9:19 AM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • He did vote to raise taxes. And when he does it as president there will be an uproar. Also he keeps flipping his idea of middle class. It kept going down. I wonder how much it is going to go down by January. He is going to break every promise he made and people are going to realize they made a mistake. Not to mention we are going to get attacked again, and this time it is going to be his fault.

    Answer by duckey060504 at 9:20 AM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • Obama won! He is our president and will be for 4 years.
    Call him a liar. Call him whatever you want, but no one can do anything about it.
    I was and still am for obama, you guys will see... he will be great.
    Just because hes not white.. or older.
    HE IS HONEST, and he will be there for our country.
    He has done a lot, he is the first BLACK PRESIDENT.. dont you guys see that?
    You should be proud.. instead your sitting there being fools .
    Have some respect

    Answer by mommyofAurora at 9:24 AM on Nov. 5, 2008

  • Toronto is a very nice city.... I lived there for years and now live about half an hour away! Just wanted to mention that we have universal health care....and gay marriage.... and abortion.... and no one even seems to think it's worthy of debate anymore! Just wanted to warn everyone before you pack your bags! ;)

    On a related note, why are so many intimidated by universal health care? I've had it my whole life and have no complaints at all... right now we are going through a health scare with my youngest and I am SO thankful that she can get the diagnostic tests that she needs and if it turns out to be more than a scare she can be treated at a major hospital that is one of the best in the world and it will not be contingent on my ability to pay! I just don't see what the 'threat' is!

    Answer by Freela at 9:27 AM on Nov. 5, 2008

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