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Daughter is waking wayyyy to early.

Our 16 month old has just started sleeping through the night, but she seems to only do 10 hours, maybe 10.5, and then she's up. She goes to sleep between 6 and 7 pm, and we've played around with that bedtime but it seems she is biologically wired to wake up between 4 and 5 am. We've tried some form of crying it out and we've tried responding in different ways (patting her back, walking out, etc), but she seems to be up and ready to start the day. As a desperate measure, I will often bring her in to bed with me and nurse just so that I can get more rest...and sometimes she'll stay in bed with me for over an hour but she never falls back asleep. As a result, her first nap is between 7:30 and 8:30 which I see more as just an extension of her night. Since I'm trying to wean her, bringing her in bed with me to nurse is probably not the best idea but it's survival at this point (I'm also in my first trimester with baby number 2). My feeling is to just not fight it and go with it and eventually she'll sleep's just so brutal right now. Good thing I go to bed at 9 pm! Should I just leave it alone or should I actively do something to help her sleep another hour in the morning?

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Asked by Anonymous at 6:52 AM on Nov. 29, 2010 in Toddlers (1-2)

Answers (18)
  • Sounds like all she needs is 10 hours of sleep at night for the time being. I would put her to bed much later to ensure that she sleeps later in the morning. How late have you tried putting her to sleep, but with her still waking at 4 or 5?

    Answer by shanlaree at 6:55 AM on Nov. 29, 2010

  • 6 seems a little early for a bedtime imo, and if she's going to bed at 6 it would make sense for her to wake up a 4 or 5 am. can you try extending her bedtime til 7:30-8:00? then she might sleep in til 6 am or longer. when i had just my older two and they were 3 and around your daughter's age, i would put them to bed together around 8 pm. usually we slept in til 6:30-7:00. they also both only took one nap during the day, after lunch around noon or one and i'd only let them sleep a max of 2.5 hours (if i let them sleep it would be 3 or 4 then they'd be up all night). so up early with one good nap and they were ready for bed by 8. my 10 month old is now getting into the habit of taking that one good nap too, im trying to break her of the morning and afternoon separate naps and combine them into one nap. i just keep her up til my other ones have had lunch and put them all down at the same time.

    Answer by tnm786 at 6:58 AM on Nov. 29, 2010

  • Some children will only sleep for 10 hours a day and not much you can do about it.
    At 6 our daughter will only sleep 8-9 hours at night and we're always having people judge us because she goes to bed between 10 and 11pm to get up at around 7am in order to get to school at 9am. Yes she sometimes naps for an hour once home from school but nap or not she will not sleep longer than the 8 or 9 hours.
    Her pediatrician once told us not to worry about it, if 10 hours is the natural sleep cycle then 10 hours is what they will sleep and there is nothing wrong with it.

    Answer by MumaSue at 6:59 AM on Nov. 29, 2010

  • I would put her to bed at 8 or 9.
    Maybe instead of bringing her into bed with you, you can give her some safe toys and books in her crib and turn on a soft light and let her play. If that doesn't work maybe you can put and extra bed in her room. While she is playing in the crib you can be catching some extra sleep.
    If you have a TV in your room, bring her to bed, do not nurse, maybe a sippy cup of milk. She can hang out watch tv and you can get some extra sleep.

    Answer by mom2queenie2004 at 7:34 AM on Nov. 29, 2010

  • Some moms put a sippy cup in the crib with some toys. That way when she wakes up she has a drink. Just one idea.........

    Answer by elizabr at 8:41 AM on Nov. 29, 2010

  • 6 or 7 for bedtime? My son goes to bed between 8 and 9 and sleeps until at least 7. Then he doesn't nap until 11 or 12. Maybe you should try keeping her up for longer periods of time.

    Answer by MomMom23 at 9:04 AM on Nov. 29, 2010

  • i would deff put her to bed a little later and try making sure she has play time to wear herself out b4 bed then off to a bath and bed but 6 is alittle too early i think i always had my little ones go to bed about 7:30 -8 and they would wake about 7 am all except for my youngest he loves his sleep sometimes i have to wake him up

    Answer by gracelessstar21 at 9:12 AM on Nov. 29, 2010

  • Put her to bed later so she will sleep later. Her bedtime seems way too early to me. My kids didn't go to bed until 9 when they were that age so they would sleep a little later in the day (between 7 and 8 in the morning). That should push her naptime back too. But, my kids both stopped napping around 18 month - 2 years.

    Answer by scout_mom at 9:16 AM on Nov. 29, 2010

  • I would push her bedtime back a little, but not too late. Start by 15 minute increments to move it to 7:30, maybe 8. Then make sure she has some toys in her crib to play with. I would go in when she wakes and tell her it's still bedtime and to go back to sleep - that's what I did with my oldest when he started waking too early.

    Answer by missanc at 10:02 AM on Nov. 29, 2010

  • Give her a late short nap - like at 5 or 6, but only let her sleep 30-60 minutes. She'll go down later, she'll sleep later in the morning. Also going to bed earlier yourself would probably help, that way when she does wake up early you're ready to get up with her!

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:18 AM on Nov. 29, 2010

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