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colic or just spoiled?

My newborn DS will nurse for about 2 hours at a time and just an hour apart from his previous feeding sometimes. He'll cry like crazy, put his hands in his mouth and bob his head looking for the breast until I put him on. He'll suckle panicky for a few seconds, take a few big gulps and then pretty much use me as a pacifier with a few gulps thrown in the mix until he falls asleep. Then as soon as I pull out, he'll wake up and want the nipple back and repeat.
This isn't all his feedings but at least once or twice a day. Could he be colicy and finding comfort in nursing or is he just using me as a pacifier?

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Asked by slowyourrole at 12:45 AM on Dec. 4, 2010 in General Parenting

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  • do u give him a pacifier?? if u dont i would start it will help. because at that age they love to suck.

    Answer by babbykrissy at 12:49 AM on Dec. 4, 2010

  • The nurses at the hospital told me you can't spoil a baby younger than 5 months. My boy used to be the excact same way but then I got him used to the pacifier. As he gets older he won't he as high maintanance. Hang in there.

    Answer by miabug at 1:07 AM on Dec. 4, 2010

  • He like being close to you. It's not spoiled it just comforts him.

    Answer by Jenaiko01 at 1:15 AM on Dec. 4, 2010

  • you can tell if its gas if his tummy is hard. if it is try laying him across your legs on his tummy and rub his back until he burps/farts/or falls asleep. thats what worked best for my first son.

    Answer by AbsynthLynn at 1:15 AM on Dec. 4, 2010

  • Its completely normal for a newborn to use you as a pacificer. That's why alot of mothers who breastfeed don't use one. That and it can effect feedings. You can't spoil a newborn they just need you.

    Answer by Kayere at 1:20 AM on Dec. 4, 2010

  • try to wake him up every time he falls asleep on the breast so that he will start feeding again. if you have done this, which you did not state, then maybe a pacifier is the best way to soothe him to give you a break.

    Answer by MamaSince2005 at 2:47 AM on Dec. 4, 2010

  • He's too young to be manipulative. Sucking is a natural reflex that babies use to soothe themselves - they need to do it. If you don't want him to use you as a pacifier to fall back to sleep, get him his own.

    Answer by Dr.Donna at 8:09 AM on Dec. 4, 2010

  • sounds like he is comforted by nursing. My kids had passys. They only used them at nap and nite time or if they were hurt. We broke the habit by nipping a small hole in the plastic so that there was not suction so they just carried them around until they forgot about them. We started that at about 1 and 1/2. Took 3 days to break the habit.

    Answer by karensue65 at 9:40 AM on Dec. 4, 2010

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