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Is he ever going to get used to this?!

For the past 6 or so months, I have been putting my 16 month old in his crib while I take a shower in the morning. He's already been fed breakfast and has had time to play, and actually I time it right before he's going to take his morning nap, so while he's asleep, I can finish getting ready. Well he has screamed and cried the whole time I'm in the shower, since day 1! 6 months later he is still crying the entire time. Today he was actually kicking his crib so hard that I had to get out and make sure he was okay or that he didn't break the crib. I am a SAHM and my fiance works 9-5 or 9-9 most days and has to leave early for work, so getting up early is not an option because I would be dead all day if I did. I have tried bringing my son in there with me, but it usually results in him crying to be held the whole time, or trying to get out of the shower. His crib is the only safe place for him to be while I'm in there. And just so everyone knows, he does NOT sleep in his crib...never has. He still sleeps with me in the bed. So he's not associated his crib with going to sleep. What can I do to get this to stop?!


Asked by Anonymous at 1:00 PM on Dec. 7, 2010 in Toddlers (1-2)

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Answers (12)
  • If he doesn't sleep in his bed then he probably is associating the crib with separation from you. Why can't you wait until he's totally asleep for his nap to shower?

    Answer by admckenzie at 1:15 PM on Dec. 7, 2010

  • Another suggestion is to take it at night after your fiance gets home from work.

    Answer by coala at 1:07 PM on Dec. 7, 2010

  • If it's shortly before his nap, can't you wait until he is actually napping? On days that I don't work, I wait until my son is napping before I shower, or I get up earlier than I need to and shower.

    Answer by MomMom23 at 1:12 PM on Dec. 7, 2010

  • I used to take my son in the bathroom with me but now that he is three and learning privacy I wait at night after he falls asleep around 8 .


    Answer by Raindew at 1:17 PM on Dec. 7, 2010

  • I've taken may a shower with baby in arms, but she much prefers to sit at my feet and splash. at first she did cry when i put her down, but after two weeks she realized the shower isn't scary.

    try a morning bath instead. that might help. you can bathe together.

    Answer by amileegirl at 1:26 PM on Dec. 7, 2010

  • I also want to mention that we only have 1 shower, so if someone wants to say that I need to get up and take a shower before my fiance goes to work, I'd have to get up at like 6am to be able to take one and leave him enough time to take one as well.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 1:02 PM on Dec. 7, 2010

  • Can you bring him in the bathroom and shut the door? That's what I did. Bring toys in there. I would never let him cry like that.

    Answer by mompam at 1:11 PM on Dec. 7, 2010

  • Shower with the fiance? That might be fun.

    Answer by admckenzie at 1:13 PM on Dec. 7, 2010

  • He sleeps in my bed and I can't leave him unattended in the room because he could fall off the side. I put pillows around him but its not enough and we don't have enough money to get the bed rails right now.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 1:22 PM on Dec. 7, 2010

  • 1. get up at 6 (sorry, I don't feel bad for you)
    2. or wait until baby falls asleep. You say you have to be in the room with him? Doesn't that make you day pretty unproductive? Maybe if you must stay in there with him, take a nap so you won't be tired when you get up early.
    3. Give him toys and keep him in the bathroom or shower with you
    4. Wait until DH comes home, or until after baby goes to bed.

    You have TONS of options here, and probably even more than I listed.

    Answer by Candi1024 at 1:32 PM on Dec. 7, 2010