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What questions should I ask? (waterbirth center)

We are TTC and I'd like to tour a new birthing center that is about an hour and a half away. It's the only birthing center nearby that offers the option to have a water birth, and is covered by my insurance.
Our first daughter turned two in October. Her birth was fairly uncomplicated, I was in labor for a long time though and had to be given pitocin, so I was strapped to the bed and had an epidural. We didn't have any problems with it, I just really would like to have a natural, water birth. What do I need to know to be prepared for it? How does it differ from a hospital birth, and what questions should I ask the dr and/or midwives?


Asked by FluffyMamaBunny at 6:53 PM on Dec. 13, 2010 in Pregnancy

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  • The biggest question would be: "under what cercumstances are you required to transfer?"

    A lot of times you cannot go that many days past your due date. So even if you and they feel that your and your baby are healthy, they may be mandated by law to transfer you for an induction.

    If you are transfered during labor, will they come with you? Will they stay for your birth?

    What kinds of pain management techinques do they offer and teach?

    I am sure there are more, but I'm out for now. :)

    And congratulations on your decision!! You will not regret having a waterbirth! :)

    Answer by squish at 7:01 PM on Dec. 13, 2010

  • Well, that "nasty stuff" is what your baby was just sitting in, so it's not nasty at all. :) Don't be afraid to ask though.
    Of course there is blood, but usually they make you get out before delivering the placenta anyway so that they can examine it. Usually there is only a small amount of blood before the placenta comes out. The nice part about being in the water is that the blood just washes off the baby and off of you too before getting out.

    Answer by squish at 12:48 AM on Dec. 14, 2010

  • Those are some good questions to add to my list. My first question is, what happens to all the nasty stuff that comes out before & after the baby, if I'm in the water? LOL.

    Comment by FluffyMamaBunny (original poster) at 7:35 PM on Dec. 13, 2010

  • Along with the amniotic fluid, Isn't there quite a bit of blood that comes out while pushing? plus, erm, like when I gave birth before (and I'm told it's very common), the fecal matter that comes out while pushing?
    Do you know anything about placental encapsulation? Do you think it's a good idea; does it really do what people say it does?

    Comment by FluffyMamaBunny (original poster) at 12:57 AM on Dec. 14, 2010

  • The tub might get stuff in it, but that's what the fish nets are for. And the tub can be drained-refilled if desired, of course.
    I don't know a waterbirther that has truly cared about "the gunk"... we are a little distracted atm, if you know what I mean.
    Birth centers are like homebirths at someone else's home... Midwives have all the same gear at either location.
    Why not just have them come to you? (Nicer than that lonnnng drive!!)

    Answer by doulala at 2:36 AM on Dec. 14, 2010

  • I can't have them come to me. My insurance wouldn't cover it. They don't cover midwives...the only reason this birthing center is covered by insurance is that it is run by an OB. The 4 midwives on staff probably take care of 90% of the clients, but I guess the insurance people don't care just as long as it's in the name of the OB. lol. I don't think the midwives at that birthing center do home calls anyway. Plus I'd have to rent a tub, my ass barely fits in the tiny bathtub we have as it is. Nah. I know an hour and a half is a long drive for a lot of people, but it's really not for me. My stepdad is a truck driver, I used to ride with him for fun.... and we've gone cross country on so many vacations that a long drive is one where we have to take a break to sleep lol. Anyway. I like the setup this birthing center has, from the pictures online. and it's right across from the hospital.

    Comment by FluffyMamaBunny (original poster) at 2:45 AM on Dec. 14, 2010

  • I'd like to have a doula too, but I don't know about the expense. By the time another baby comes, our daughter should be fully potty trained, so we'll only have about the same expense for diapers we've had for the last two years. (It's been consistently about $45 a month since she was born) We have a crib, but will have to buy a new mattress since the crib mattress is actually in the toddler bed now. (Or we'll have to buy a twin bed and just put the crib/toddler mattress back in the crib.) Either way, that's one expense. We kept pretty much everything of our daughters, and had got nearly everything in gender neutral colors/patterns so we could re-use, so we won't have to buy nearly as much as we did the first time, just that bed/mattress and clothes (esp if it's a boy lol). Debating the breast pump issue. I had a medela PIS and it was alright for a while but wore out after a few months. Debating if I want to buy....cont

    Comment by FluffyMamaBunny (original poster) at 2:58 AM on Dec. 14, 2010

  • a refurb medical grade pump (can buy a medela lactina with all the accessories for about $500) or if I want to just spend $40 a month on renting it from the lactation center. It's a hard decision. Anyway so....I don't know if we'll be able to save up $600 to spend on hiring a doula (which is what most of them in the area seem to charge). Many of the websites I have visited say not to worry about financial situations because they think every woman deserves a doula even if they can't afford to pay....but then I would feel so bad for not paying a doula her typical fee, because she's got bills to pay too. The birthing center has a list of recommended doulas, but I don't know if the doula can bill through the center, in which case it would just be part of what my insurance is paying for. That is DEFINITELY one of the questions that I will be asking. It's on my list already.
    Sorry for rambling. No-one else to talk to.

    Comment by FluffyMamaBunny (original poster) at 3:12 AM on Dec. 14, 2010

  • Wow, I don't know~ I wouldn't go to a birth center run by an OB, even if it were across the street, lol.
    Buying a tub is not a big deal-- or renting. Many moms use inflatable kiddie pools for $35, but anyway, sounds like not your thing maybe.

    You haven't driven IN LABOR, though. ;- P
    Five minutes can be too much...
    Is there anyone near that BC that will let you stay there and wait until labor is near?
    I know some women rent motel rooms to make it smoother...

    How about another insurance company??

    Answer by doulala at 3:16 AM on Dec. 14, 2010

  • Why not use cloth diapers so you don't have to buy more?
    It's reusable for your baby through potty training and you're set for the next baby.
    Or you can sell them at a consignment shop or craigslist or where ever...

    I do encourage you to ask for free doula services if you think it's too much. Better to see IF she will do it. Maybe you can offer her some gas money or barter and do something for her!
    True, every doula is one because she wants to help women to have happy-healthy experiences.
    There are usually discounts for moms who ask, sliding-scales, free services, worth asking about. And often a referral for a doula-in-training, attending free births while certifying.

    There are lots of things to think about and ways to work for what you want.
    You have time.
    Best wishes!!

    Answer by doulala at 3:22 AM on Dec. 14, 2010