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What is speaking in tongues?

Can anyone explain that in detail to me? It's something that has always confused me.

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Asked by -LucyInTheSky- at 8:15 PM on Dec. 15, 2010 in Religion & Beliefs

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Answers (16)
  • Google "pentecost" and a whole world of info will open up ~

    Answer by tasches at 8:17 PM on Dec. 15, 2010

  • babbling...plain and simple

    Answer by momofone725 at 8:18 PM on Dec. 15, 2010

  • babbling...plain and simple
    that's very judgmental! It's a spirit language that only God understands. never done it, but some say its quite moving

    Answer by lowencope at 8:23 PM on Dec. 15, 2010

  • First of all.. when people ask this question.. it is best to ask in a Christian group... you will get answers such as the one above because of lack of knowledge of the Word of God and it will cause more confusion for you. I encourage you to read the book of Acts and you will see an example of tongues being spoken when the Power of Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples and apostles.
    Tongues is a heavenly language given to you by Holy Spirit . It is a language that is understood by God and is between you and Him. There are times when it is spoken in a church and there is an interpretation. It is not babbling but a real language. There are people out there that will mock people who speak this because they are #1 afraid of it #2 lack wisdom and understanding of scripture #3 or just plain mean. :-) If you want to know more find a Christian group that believes this and they can help you further your understanding! :-)

    Answer by Shaneagle777 at 8:28 PM on Dec. 15, 2010

  • One above I am referring to momofone's post.

    Answer by Shaneagle777 at 8:29 PM on Dec. 15, 2010

  • It's something that has always confused me.--OP

    me, too. some say if you don't 'have the Spirit in ya', you wouldn't get it, or be able to speak it. well..i beg to differ. i'm plenty Spirit-filled..and it still confuses me, as its never lifted or encouraged me..its always been babbling to my ears. but, if someone thinks that God understands it, and it blesses them, so be it. to me, though, where there's confusion..there's doubt. and God isn't the author of confusion, so says scripture.

    Answer by dullscissors at 8:32 PM on Dec. 15, 2010

  • It's a practice done during a form of spirit possession. The Christians that practice this tend to believe it's a possession by the "Holy Spirit" over other forms, but in the end it all the same.

    Answer by SabrinaMBowen at 9:25 PM on Dec. 15, 2010

  • It's babbling unless:

    1: the person to speak it has never known that language before,
    2: it is a current spoken language, not a dead, code or unknown tongue,
    3: must have a translator, who has never known or spoken the language before,
    4: the required person/s who the message is meant for and knows and understands the words spoken but does not act as translator.

    As per Acts 2:2-4, Acts 11:15-18 and Acts 19:1-7.

    Speaking in tongues is not a gift of the spirit but a miracle and a message.

    Answer by isabellalecour at 9:27 PM on Dec. 15, 2010

  • My backgroud has tought me that in the bible when people spoke it tounges it was not gibberish, or babble. It was a language, but the gift was not on the person speaking it was on the ears of the many people from many nations listening. Those listeners were able to all understand what was being spoken. I also fell that in Corinthians 12 the bible says that when that which is perfect has come those spiritual gifts with cease. There are two therories here, That which is perfect can be the first coming of Jesus Christ when he walked her on earth as a man. And some believe the written bible is -that which is perfect. I believe that is was Jesus. This is very controversial.

    Answer by Mrs.Faith at 9:32 PM on Dec. 15, 2010

  • ya know, i was taught that it was ONLY when a person spoke a REAL language they didnt previously know so that a person (or people) in the room who spoke that language could understand the what happened in Acts. i dont believe in the random "spirit" language that entails rolling around all theatrical like while one random person pretends to understand it...too much room for corruption and lies.

    Answer by okmanders at 9:33 PM on Dec. 15, 2010

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