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The "F" Word

My 9 yrso son came home from school and asked me what the word "F You" mean. . He said he heard the kids in school are saying the "F" word but what does that mean. He is very coureous to know, he looked it up in the dictionary, and asking me about it. I do not used profound language in my home anyhow, nor I let him waches movie with strong language rated. I have no parenting experience with sensitive subject like this and I know there will be more to come. Please advice on how to answer his question. Thanks

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Asked by Anonymous at 3:14 AM on Nov. 8, 2008 in General Parenting

Answers (4)
  • Be honest with him. He probably knows what the word "means" but he wants to make sure his has the truth and the best person to tell him is mom. You don't have to go into details about what it stands for but let him know there are words to describe just about everything that we consider bad, ugly, vulgar. This word is one of them and it is a disgusting term to describe a very special time between a husband and wife. People have started using this word for all sorts of reasons, it doesn't make them bad people but it makes them sound ugly and shouldn't be used.
    Hope that helps. it's been a long time since i've been thre for times like that!!

    Answer by WAganma56 at 3:28 AM on Nov. 8, 2008

  • I would approach in honestly and tell him what it means, then I would go on to explain that "F-U" is a term used by people with limited vocabularies or thought process. Be honest with him, there are a lot of potty mouths in the world and he'll have to know how to deal with them and not become one.


    Answer by Anonymous at 3:30 AM on Nov. 8, 2008

  • Anon - The word is not only used among people with limited vocabularies or thought processes. There are plenty of intelligent people who use the word as well.

    OP- Tell him what it means and be truthful. But also tell him that the world is full of people who curse and he can't call out everyone for doing so.

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:07 AM on Nov. 8, 2008

  • I would be quite explicit. "F" you, means to disrespect someone through implying that you would do something sexual to them, and when it is used as a taunt or insult it often means against the individuals consent. Most likely he would turn the shade of a plum and never use the word again.

    We've had a similar discussion about the word "whore" when my son heard it in a song, or from a peer - he hasn't stuck to a consistent source, and he hasn't used it since.

    As for swearing in general, we have talked about it being a choice that adults make, and that when he is an adult he will have that choice, but in the mean time he is too young to use words that are used for the sole purpose of disrespect, since we do not tolerate disrespectful words from him, swearing or other.

    Answer by Kestrel1 at 2:51 PM on Nov. 8, 2008

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