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Random Anger/PMS adult content

The last couple of months I've noticed that about a week before my period I can't control my emotions.

A lot of things go in with my in laws that really bother me, but I usually have a pretty good handle on it. They obviously favor the two oldest grandchildren, while rarely seeing the youngest two. And then they get mad that the youngest doesn't jump at them.

They are so keen to support my BIL's son's mother...even taking her out to fancy dinners so she can talk about her problems, while giving me little or no support. I asked if they could take the kids one day a week so I wouldn't have to change my schedule and they actually gave me a little bit of a hard time about it, even though they have her son up to four days a week. To be fair, it wasn't a super hard time, it was like, oh, if I teach skiing that day I don't have to pay for my lift tickets. Oh well, we'll work something out.

Um, we need that day of work to BUY GROCERIES. We moved out here with the promise of support from them and they are only worried about this second grandchild and playing their sports. Where we lived before I could walk to anything I wanted to do, and now, I'm stuck out in the middle of nowhere, NOTHING in walking distance, and we CANNOT afford a second car.

No support. Now she informs me that her daughter is considering moving cross country to move in with a guy as a room mate she hasn't seen in ten years. No job set up, to an area that has unemployment of like 40%

The girl has ZERO dollars in her bank account. Just told me she couldn't buy any Christmas presents this year because she's broke. Can't hold a job. Seriously. And my MIL thinks that the area we live in is just too high paced for her.

What the girl needs is a good swift kick in the rump. So now MIL is mad that I don't think it's super wonderful terrific that SIL wants to move cross country with no plan. Yippee.

Any way. Normally I handle all this nonsense with no worries, but lately I can't around the week before my period. I get really mad, bad headaches, and when I say really mad, I mean shouting, red faced mad. Yesterday I was on the phone with MIL when she was describing wonderful perfect SIL's desire to move and how they were going to help her if she needed it and the grandson's needs and how they were helping him (he's mean, spoiled, rude, whiny) and I was so mad I couldn't speak.

I shouldn't have been that mad. Usually I just roll my eyes at the fact that the more dysfunctional you are, the more this family rewards you.

I just want someone to take my kids for an hour. So I can shower and clean my house. that's it. But since I'm not a spoiled, whiny selfish b****, (which you wouldn't know by this post, I understand) no one even thinks to help me.) And if I ask, they just say they'll get around to it and never do.

Why can't I handle this today? Is there anything I can do to help relieve this terrible pms?

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Asked by Anonymous at 3:34 PM on Dec. 18, 2010 in Health

Answers (1)
  • wow, sometimes in laws can be just a pain maybe you should get your husband to talk to them they might listen to him as its their son, my in laws dont listen to me but if i get my husband to talk to them they will then listen, its hard i know, sometimes dealing with people like that when you need help yourself and they dont care pms i dont think is really that bad i think you just been holding it in for some time

    Answer by angelbaby1323 at 3:41 PM on Dec. 18, 2010

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