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Financially struggling *Please don't bash this is hard to admit and I don't need to feel worse*

So it is with great shame that I come on here today but you all have been nothing but helpful in the past with other concerns.

DH and I are barely getting by, living paycheck to paycheck, picking and choosing which bills to pay. And now with the Christmas season here times are even worse. Utilities have gone up and we are using the more because it is so cold and we have to keep the house warm for our family, we just got the first of two notices yesterday that if we don't pay this bill they will be shut off.

We also have not been able to make our health insurance payments because of rent, car payments, medical bills, child support, student loans, and phone bills along with other miscellaneous bills that have come up. Of course we also got the notice that they were going to cancel our health insurance and any claims that had been submitted between now and the last bill would be denied.

My husband and I are both working, we have been trying to sell stuff to consignment stores, we bought all of our daughter's Christmas presents at either Goodwill or the Dollar Tree this year but nothing seems to be helping!

Prioritizing the bills is just not working this month and I am so stressed out and don't feel like we are going to make it. We have two car payments, utilities, and health insurance that all needs to be paid before the next time one of us gets paid and we just don't have the money...

If anyone can give any advice I would appreciate it. This Christmas season is adding more stress than what I am prepared for, I don't want to wake up Christmas morning to a freezing cold house with no utilities and no health insurance.

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Asked by NessGuinness at 12:51 PM on Dec. 20, 2010 in Holidays

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  • Either you or him try to get a part time job. That way one can be home with kids. When someone is in that situation 3 or 4 hundred extra a month will go a long way. Good luck!!!!

    Answer by arenad at 12:53 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • Im sorry. Can you possibly get rid of one of the car payments?

    Answer by beyondhopes at 12:57 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • While Im on that question. My ex has actually done this twice in the past. It was a last ditch effort. Refinance one of the car payments and take out a loan on the car. It will extend your car payment and its a really stupid idea, but I know your stuck between a rock and a hard place right now.

    Answer by beyondhopes at 1:00 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • Contact the utility company. I believe that it is illegal to turn off utilities during the cold weather. Also your PA might have a fund to help with the utilities. I think the second job is a good idea. But in this world, it is hard to get a first job let alone a second one.

    Answer by tootoobusy at 1:01 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • Millions are living without health insurance. No, it's not good, but it's also not the end of the world. And in these economic times, may people are facing these same issues and more. It's hard, there is no doubt. To fix your problem, you either need to increase income or decrease spending. If I didn't have a way to keep the heat on and the bills paid, I wouldn't be buying Christmas gifts at all, be it at the Goodwill or at Neiman Marcus. Money I don't have is still money I don't have. Maybe you can pick up parttime work (in addition to your other job), maybe you can move to a smaller place, maybe you can get rid of a car seeing as you have 2 car payments.


    Answer by Gaccck at 1:01 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • Family. Can you ask family for help?

    Answer by Orionsgirl at 1:03 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • Definitely try your local Social Services and churches to see if you can get help with the utilities. They may be almost out this time of year, but it never hurts to ask. I know it is a difficult thing to do, I have been in your position ... robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    Check and see if there are any other local charities that can maybe help.

    I wish you much luck.

    Answer by SpiritedWitch at 1:08 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • maybe trade in a car for a cheaper one that is paid off... contact your local human services office, they might be able to help you.. maybe you could babysit or something on the weekends or when you aren't working. My mom used to clean apartments for extra money. That's all I can think of for now... I'm sorry you are having such a hard time..hugs


    Answer by June_Mama09 at 1:10 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • Your student loans can get put into either deferment for forbearance for sometimes up to 2 yrs which can really help because those are never really cheap. With your medical bills you could always just cut down your payments to them. What kind of phone do you have? Is it a cell phone or house phone. There's ways of cutting those bills down too.
    What my DH and I do is any bill that is not a necessity we don't pay unless we have the money for it. So that means rent, gas, electric and water are first. Then we do grocery's. We don't have a car so we don't have a car payment or gas any of that stuff. However the reason we don't have a car is because we couldn't afford the payments so we decided to go without.
    Sorry hun the only real advice here is to get the student loans put in forbearance, cut down your phone to where it's just talking nothing else, see if you can't pay less for your med bills and if you have to the car goes.

    Answer by 2murphyboys at 1:12 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • contact a local Church or civic group for advive. they will steer you in the direction for help.

    Answer by chefjen at 1:12 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

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