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Tailgating on the large people airplane seats questions...

So then do you think it would then make more sense to charge people by the pound? Explain why yes or no.


Asked by ShouldHaveLeft at 4:24 PM on Dec. 20, 2010 in Travel

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Answers (10)
  • The federal guidelines for female passengers with carry-on luggage count as weighing 179 lbs in summer months and 184 lbs in the winter, & male passengers with carry-on bags 200 pounds in summer & 205 pounds in winter. In addition youngsters aged between 2 and 13 years will are calculated at 82 lbs in summer & 87 lbs in winter. These are all guidelines set in 2004. The airline HAS to determine an average weight so as to put the proper fuel on the plane. Not to mention the weight of the cargo that has to be figured in. It's really NOT as simple as charging passengers by the pound. There are a dozen different fares sitting next to each other on any given plane depending on how soon one bought thier tkt, whether they are staying over a weekend or not, whether the tkt is refundable. The person you sit next to may have paid on $99 for their tkt through a special 6 months ago while you are paying $197 bought within a week of tvl.

    Answer by specialwingz at 5:04 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • No I don't like the charge by the pound thing. Tall people are a bit heavier so its not fair to them. Plus What bout pregnant women the cant help it they are weighing in for 2+ more people. Plus I think it will just make people feel bad about their weight. Being put on the spot so they can charge the "right"amount for your weight. I know I don't want a bunch of people knowing what I weigh.

    Answer by mommy_of_two388 at 4:27 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • No matter how you word it, it's still discrimination.

    Answer by _Tam_ at 4:27 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • No

    Answer by Skepticchick at 4:26 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • Do what?

    Answer by Memigen at 4:27 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • $250 for a round trip ticket to PARIS!! Count me in!

    Oh wait! That's ONLY if this means Round Im not taking a THIN trip, obviously! LOL How funny!

    Answer by LilyPondOasis at 4:35 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • I know... I'm a dork at times!

    Answer by LilyPondOasis at 4:35 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • Cont' with all that...let's add paying by the weight to the mix. LOL. That's just plain ridiculous!

    Answer by specialwingz at 5:05 PM on Dec. 20, 2010

  • That would be silly.

    Answer by Fallaya at 2:59 PM on Dec. 21, 2010

  • well then they would have to have different seat sizes- if you pay your weight then you should get a seat that fits.

    Answer by chefjen at 12:42 AM on Dec. 22, 2010