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Can you cure a UTI without going to a doctor?

I believe that I have a UTI. Are there ways I can get rid of it without going to a doctor? I don't have health insurance anymore and doctor visits are so expensive. I've taken the AZO which I know relieves symptoms but doesn't get rid of them.

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Asked by Babydoll1015 at 5:45 PM on Nov. 9, 2008 in Health

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Answers (9)
  • cranberry juice! and not the sugary stuff. you have to drink the natural stuff straight.

    Answer by sbastille at 5:47 PM on Nov. 9, 2008

  • YES! Go to your local Health Food Store or CVS/Walgreens. Get the cranberry extract. They have it in pill, powder or liquid form (I prefer liquid works faster). The main ingredient in Cranberries is D-Mannose it will kill the e-coli in your tract almost immediately. Feel Better!

    Answer by busybee68 at 5:49 PM on Nov. 9, 2008

  • If your UTI is a bad infection only antibiodics will cure you. If left untreated a UTI can work it's way up into your kidneys and cause you serious harm. Look online for Free/sliding scale clinics in your area.


    Answer by vbruno at 6:06 PM on Nov. 9, 2008

  • I have had more UTI's and kidney infections than I can count. What I do is drink the cranberry juice but you also have to drink a lot of water to clean it out of your system. A LOT of water...You will pee a lot but thats what you want. If that5 doesn't work in a day or two you need to go to the doctors because it could be getting worse...

    Answer by nyteowl at 8:12 PM on Nov. 9, 2008

  • it is possible, but really an antibiotic for a bad infection is best. the cranberry stuff, with lots of other acidic juices and lots of water may do the trick if you can't get some medicine.

    Answer by JumpingHoops at 9:09 PM on Nov. 9, 2008

  • I have no idea why, but my stepmom use to make me drink a glass of cranberry juice with a teaspoon of cream of tarter. No idea why the cream of tarter works but it worked FAST.

    Answer by Med109 at 11:21 PM on Nov. 9, 2008

  • I just googled the cream of tarter thing and I guess it is fairly common. Good luck!

    Answer by Med109 at 11:25 PM on Nov. 9, 2008

  • I have had countless UTI's and a few Kidney Infections. I take Cranberry and Acidophylis pills I buy at the local vitamin or health food store. When I take them faithfully, I never get infections. I don't do that anymore. If I feel like one is coming on, I take two pills each once a day and it goes away. There is also an over-the-counter medication you can buy that will relieve the pain until you get over it. If you take antibiotics every time you get one, you may develop a resistance to it and it won't work for you when you really need it later. Also, antibiotics kill all bacteria so you may get a yeast infection right after you get over the UTI which could lead to another UTI. The Acidophylis puts the good bacteria back that you need. I am not a medical professional so you may want to consult yours. I am only speaking from years of experience.

    Answer by Goodthings at 1:49 AM on Nov. 10, 2008

  • ok with all these people saying drink alot of water please keep in mind as crazy as it sounds you can overdose on water and it can kill you i believe there is an over the counter test now for uti's i would suggest finding a clinic that has a sliding scale and depending on where u live publix(if u have one there) has free antibiotics of course u need a script from the dr

    Answer by mommie2twogirls at 7:49 PM on Dec. 22, 2008

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