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How do you convince a eleven year old to clean up better?

My daughter is eleven years old and she is in puberty , she refuses to take a shower every day and won't take and change her clothes everyday. I told her win school comes she has to get up and take a shower and change clothes. She doesn't like that all that well . what do you recommend. I don't want to have her go through what I did because my parents shower/bath didn't work right.

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Asked by goofygirls at 5:39 PM on Jul. 6, 2008 in Tweens (9-12)

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  • You're the mom... MAKE her shower. Don't let her do any of the fun stuff she normally does until she showers... no TV, no playing outside, no iPod, etc. If she can't take care of her own hygiene without being forced, then you'll have to treat it like a chore for a while. And remind her that people will make fun of her if she's the dirty girl. She doesn't have to be a GIRLY girl, just clean.

    Answer by crazysocks830 at 6:20 PM on Jul. 6, 2008

  • I would make her shower. Explain to her that if she doesn't then she's going to smell and be made fun of. Explain that no one likes hanging around a dirty and smelly girl. It may sound mean to say but it's the truth and it's better that she hears it from you than to learn the hard way.

    If that doesn't work then try restricting her. Don't let her go out with her friends if she's not clean and in clean clothes.

    Also point out to her the health issue. If you don't keep yourself clean then you can get sick so much easier because germs just stick to you.

    Answer by amethystrse at 6:41 PM on Jul. 6, 2008

  • Your the mom, you make her take a shower..if need be you put her in the shower and stand there while she cleans her self up. And explain to her that she is going to be the stinky girl and will be made fun of...

    Answer by barefootbchbum at 9:07 PM on Jul. 6, 2008

  • if she refused to do it herself, drop her ass, fully clothed in the tub. that's gross and she needs to learn this now. and eleven isn't too old for a spanking. you could ground her, take stuff away, etc...i've never actually heard of a kid like this. so i don't know. but i tell mine that they can go on their own or i can take them. that usually gets her moving. she is 8.

    Answer by princezzmommie at 11:46 PM on Jul. 6, 2008

  • I have an 11 year old daughter and she doesn't like to take showers either. If it were up to her, she would go the entire week without showering. I shower every day, so I don't know how she turned out this way. When I noticed her hair dirty often, I had to put my foot down. I told her that from now on she HAS to take a shower every other day because she may not realize it but people notice her dirty hair and that's very embarrasing. She thought that nobody noticed, but soon realized that they did notice.

    Her shower every other day includes washing her hair, and I REMIND her to scrub her entire body and hair. At first she wasn't scrubbing her hair enough and I had to make her go back and wash it again. Now that she's been consistent with the showers, it's been going smoothly, but I do have to remind her about the shower earlier in the day. Good luck!

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:06 AM on Jul. 7, 2008

  • :) good luck i have a 10yr old girl who's doing the same. I guess they just like being stanky :) LOL i don't know what to do either.

    Answer by USNDABABIES at 11:00 AM on Jul. 10, 2008

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