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bottle propping

what is your op about propping the bottle?

my daughter is 1 month old. if i am in the middle of something, or my 5 yr old needs me, i will prop the bottle. always in the same room, and NEVER at night while im sleeping. if she wakes up to eat and im very groggy, i'll prop it for a few minutes to wake up a bit, then pick her up.
my girl is cuddle bunny and wants to be held ALL the time! lol. i luv it. so 99 percent of the time, eating, or not, i have her.

im just curious on everyones opinion.

thank you.

looking for opinions, not bashing. im well aware of what could if she unsupervised, and it is not ALL the time or even every day......thanks

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Asked by mama2bof2 at 10:34 AM on Dec. 29, 2010 in Babies (0-12 months)

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Answers (13)
  • I'm not going to bash you for needing both hands for a few minutes, or to wake up for a couple minutes before getting more involved.

    Answer by SWasson at 10:36 AM on Dec. 29, 2010

  • I know we're told not to prop up the bottle. However, I did it anyway. Generations of women did it before me and the baby was always fine. (My mother, my grandmother, my great grandmother, etc.) So when I was too tired to hold my daughter I would prop up the bottle. I figured it was safer than to hold her half asleep and risk dropping her. I don't see anything wrong with it.

    Answer by bseastrand at 10:36 AM on Dec. 29, 2010

  • cool. i feel bad sometimes b/c i love the bonding and she looks right at me. but sometimes i just need to get things done. and if she weren't so "needy" when shes awake stuff could wait till she was done eating, but she wants to be held most of the time. she hates her swing right now, and she has to be in the mood for her bouncy slingy im glad im not the only one. thanks

    Comment by mama2bof2 (original poster) at 10:40 AM on Dec. 29, 2010

  • I never propped. It only takes a second for a baby to start choking.

    Answer by butterflyblue19 at 10:42 AM on Dec. 29, 2010

  • I have propped. With more than 1 kid and a household of stuff to do, sometimes not propping isn't possible.

    Answer by cheekycherub at 10:45 AM on Dec. 29, 2010

  • I used to prop when I needed to. Kudos to those who've never had to, but mine are 13 months apart, and my oldest couldn't understand the concept of "Momma will hold you in just a second." Like you, I'd be right there with the baby, so it's not as if I wouldn't be able to react if my son were to choke.

    Answer by SpaceToast at 10:48 AM on Dec. 29, 2010

  • Our family feels very strongly about meal times and their purpose to nourish emotionally as well as physically. I breast feed, but sometimes DH gives pumped breast milk when I have to be away. We always hold our DD while feeding her milk. It is what is right for our family.

    Answer by ecodani at 10:54 AM on Dec. 29, 2010

  • spacetaost- exactly! though my son is 5, he is a handful. he gets into things just to annoy me! lol. so sometimes i have to put her down and prop. but i am never far enough way where i can't at least hear her. i live in a mobile home, so i can't go that far even if i wanted to! lol. even if shes not eating and she gasps or coughs, im on her like white on rice! so im not too worried about it. if i were like some i know who prop when they wake up in the middle of the night then go back to sleep, then yes, i would say i shouldn't have had children!

    Comment by mama2bof2 (original poster) at 10:55 AM on Dec. 29, 2010

  • We propped! Usually we would lay a pillow in our lap (it was just more comfortable) and lay our son on it and give him his bottle and sometimes we'd hold it, but if our arms got tired, we'd put a small blanket underneath (or even just rested our arm under it ) and he'd continue drinking.

    Answer by thatgirl70 at 11:09 AM on Dec. 29, 2010

  • Can't prop a breast. **grin** But even when I did use bottles, no. No propping. I'm too paranoid and if something is *that* important, the baby gets set down without the bottle and is allowed to cry for the 30 seconds it takes me to deal with whatever. Anything that takes more than 30 seconds? IT CAN WAIT. Or the baby can be allowed to cry for a moment or two more. I also have no issues with kids getting into things, though... as long as it won't HURT them, they can get into everything and I honestly don't care. It's why we child proof.

    Answer by gdiamante at 12:59 PM on Dec. 29, 2010

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