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What would you do in this situation?

my ds is 9 yrs. old and everytime he goes to go pee he some how forgets to pick up the seat one day my dh saw this and gave him a good scolding well he stopped for awhile but lately he is doing it again I even gave him stuff to help clean up his mess (but we mommies know how clean kids clean) omg I'd be better off doing it myself...ugh!
We have talked to him about this he needs to pick up the seat bc either mommy or your sister are going to sit on the pee that you left I even told him that some times I can't wait to sit down to go pee bc mommy is in a hurry but then mommy has to hold her pee bc I have stop and wipe what he did. it goes in one ear and out the other :/
I don't know what else to do I had him write 20 sentences for starters and did not let him do what he likes... Whatelse is there?
Thanks Ladies for listening!

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Asked by Anonymous at 3:12 AM on Dec. 31, 2010 in Tweens (9-12)

Answers (6)
  • This is off the wall, but maybe you could put a lock on the bathroom and he has to come and get you to use the bathroom. You will then remind him to lift the seat before he goes in and stand outside reminding him . This is a late stage potty training.A week or so of this should do the job.

    Answer by tootoobusy at 3:21 AM on Dec. 31, 2010

  • I'd tell him that, if he can't start being a big boy and clean up after himself, I am going to make sure he either has someone in there to monitor him to make sure he does it every time (embarrassment will win out) or I would make him stop whatever he is doing any time I notice it so that it becomes more of a burden to have to COME BACK to do it than it is to just do in when he first does it...

    Answer by TitusMom7 at 3:23 AM on Dec. 31, 2010

  • I like making him stop whatever he is doing and I would do that even if he has friends over.

    Answer by MumaSue at 3:26 AM on Dec. 31, 2010

  • You could make a house rule that the toilet lid has to be kept down while not in use. While he's lifting the lid, he's likely to remember to lift the seat too.
    My family has the closed toilet lid rule because our big dog thinks it's a watering bowl.

    Answer by Lornamay at 3:26 AM on Dec. 31, 2010

  • We do the same thing, Lornamay - we've got a cat and a dog that would find the toilet to be just one additional water bowl. Yick. I doubt your son is doing it "on purpose" - it's more likely that he's just not thinking about it during that curcial moment, especially if he's waiting to use the facilities until the last possible moment (like my boys have a habit of doing!). If lid and the seat are down, he'll have to remember.

    Good luck!

    Answer by Dr.Donna at 8:44 AM on Dec. 31, 2010

  • have him sit to pee?
    I did that with my son for awhile- because we had the same problem around that age...

    OR make HIM clean the toilet everytime you notice the issue

    Answer by charlotsomtimes at 10:45 AM on Dec. 31, 2010

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