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Tell me what I need to know to breastfeed

I didnt plan on breastfeeding my first, so I didnt do the research. I am pregnant again now and I want to breastfeed. But I dont even know the basic comon sense stuff. Like what medicine can I take? Can I have a drink? Help me with these questions, and please throw in any information you can about breastfeeding. Even if it seems like comon sense. Things like the best shirts to wear for easy access, the best positions for breastfeeding, anything at all. Thanks ladies.

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:16 AM on Jan. 3, 2011 in General Parenting

Answers (11)
  • I recommend you take a breastfeeding class and read The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Also check out's a great site and find a local Le Leche League.

    Answer by MrsMWF at 11:21 AM on Jan. 3, 2011

  • First off, Congrats! Take a breathe. You are making an excellent decision.

    As soon as possible after birth, you want to put the baby on your bare chest. Then attempt to nurse as soon as possible! Get off on the right foot.

    I liked shirts that pulled down over my breast because if I had to pull up my shirt, it bunched and as difficult to see if she was nursing.

    Tylenol and no. Just to be safe. Some doctors say as long as you wait 2 hours, or pump, dump, pump dump, it's safe. I disagree, and did not drink at all while I was breastfeeding.

    You will get bad looks, you will be told it is unnatural, it may be difficult if you do it in public. Get a large, light blanket, and practice at home. Before you know it, it will be nothing.


    Answer by mrskrisher at 11:24 AM on Jan. 3, 2011

  • Yes - take a breastfeeding class, your hospital will most likely offer one and it's very imformative. Things I have learned -

    1. Breastfeeding isn't easy for everyone - it's a commitment and you will need support.
    2. Chances are the baby won't latch right and your nipples will crack and bleed. The lactation consultant at the hosptial was NO help with this - either time for me. This will be a few really hard days to get through- if it happens, buy a nipple shield at Target - it really helped me get through that.
    3. On the topic of latching right - google that. Its hard for me to explain, but you need to get your nipple a little off center so it's at the top of baby's mouth and doesn't get as much "tounge action" which is where you get sore. Lactation consultant didn't tell me that either I had to ask a Le Leche person.
    4. Wearing a good bra does help make you more comfortable - ta tas get really heavy with milk.

    Answer by sunshine58103 at 11:34 AM on Jan. 3, 2011

  • Con't

    I tried twice -

    My first baby had reflux and I didn't know so when I was feeding him he would stop after a few seconds and scream. I stopped BF because i though it was me.
    Second baby went really really well but with a few family emergencies involving a lot of travel it didn't work out so well. I felt and still feel an extreme amount of guilt at having quit, but my kids did get some breast milk and some is better than none.

    As far as meds/drinking.

    You are limited to almost what it was when you were pregnant as far as meds. Your doctor might have a list.

    Drinking -
    No or very little caffine, it's stays in baby's body for much longer than yours.

    Alcohol - You can still have a glass of wine every now and then. You do not need to pump and dump. As soon as you are no longer feeling drunk the alcohol is out of your milk. If you can't drive you can't feed, but it doesn't get stored in your

    Answer by sunshine58103 at 11:41 AM on Jan. 3, 2011

  • sometimes you just need to let your instinct take over :) I never took a class and successfully BFed my daughter. just feed on demand and don't get stressed out.

    Answer by calliesmommie at 11:42 AM on Jan. 3, 2011

  • get some nursing bras and shirts and a good pump. call up the La Leche League in your area and talk to them. they will even come to your home and help you if you want.

    Answer by jennifer588 at 11:52 AM on Jan. 3, 2011

  • we took a breast feeding class and i googled on line and found all kinds of info on breast feeding i thought i was so ready to it but once the baby got here it was a different story! the docs thought she had an infection when she was born so i wasnt allowed to nurse her for almost 2 days and they started giving her formula which i said 100 times not to! we ended up leaving on the 3rd day against med advice! i saw 4 different LC and a chiropractor trying to get her to latch right and she wouldnt suck for more then 2 sec then scream cuz it wasnt coming out like the bottle! so after 2 days of just pumping my milk and putting it in bottles i gave up on getting her to latch and decided to Exclusively pump! its no easy and its not for everyone! but here we are a year later and im still pumping milk for her and will keep going until she is 1 1/2! she has not had a drop of formula since we left the hospital!

    Answer by Caroline2010 at 12:23 PM on Jan. 3, 2011

  • with that said u can still breast feed if the child wont latch! i would buy a nice pump and take classes and learn everything u can about breast feeding so u are ready to go when baby gets here! u will need lots of support!! oh and join the breast feeding group on here they are great!!! good luck!! :-)

    Answer by Caroline2010 at 12:24 PM on Jan. 3, 2011

  • seek out your local health department.They have breast feeding specialists on staff that will not only answer all questions but supply you with anything you need.They are the best out there and it does not cost you anything good luck!

    Answer by grismelda at 1:20 PM on Jan. 3, 2011

  • The site has really good info, especially about what medications you can take (and you can probably take more than you think you can.) My best advice is to realize it will probably be challenging at first and to stick with it, because it does get much easier once you have the first couple of weeks under your belt.

    Answer by Freela at 2:46 PM on Jan. 3, 2011

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