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What do you do when your baby wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to play?

Just wondering how you handle it when your baby (6+ months) wakes up in the middle of the night and is all wide awake? I feed her, change her, and then don't know what to do. I don't want to turn on lights or TV or anything. Do you leave them in the crib? What if they cry? What do you do with them??

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:45 PM on Nov. 11, 2008 in Babies (0-12 months)

Answers (9)
  • Leave him in the crib with a non-soft toy. He may cry. Too bad. He'll get over it.

    Answer by Pnukey at 12:59 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • Put them back to bed. If you keep getting up when they want to play in the middle of the night then they'll think that it's okay & will keep doing it. It's better to go & check on them make sure the diaper is clean. At 6+ months they shouldn't be needing a feeding in the middle of the night either. Just lay them back in bed, reassure them that you love them & walk out. If they cry for more than 5 minutes, go in, get them settled back down & walk out again. (CONTINUED>>>)


    Answer by Anonymous at 1:15 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • (CONT FROM ABOVE>>>) Keep doing it while gradually spreading out the amount of time between visits. A few nights of this & they'll start to get the point that night time is for sleeping & not playing. Don't make a big deal when you go back in, just lay them back down, shush them, give them their lovie & walk out. No need to talk to them or stimulate them in any way. This worked wonders for my boys & now they sleep all through the night, never have had problems since, unless they're sick & that's a different story. (My boys are 4 yo & 21 months.)

    Answer by Anonymous at 1:16 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • When my guy wakes up during the night and isn't hungry, I turn the wombs sounds machine in his bassinet and sometimes the vibrate and he usually goes back to sleep...I'm probably just lucky, though!

    Answer by KatieCrandall at 4:21 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • I taught my babes from day 1 that night time was bed time..
    I do not believe in CIO.
    I have found that having my babies in bed with me, close to me, they sleep better and longer.. There is rarely the urge to wake up in the middle of the night to play, and if they have wished to do so, I allow them to lay awake in the dark and do their own thing until they cry and are ready for breast and to be nursed back to sleep..
    With my new one- only 5 weeks old- she's still getting used to it, so I'll put her in her swing for a few minutes, so she can entertain herself with the shadows on the wall, but as soon as she's ready to come back to bed, I bring her..

    *Shrug* I don't think babies who stay close to mommy really NEED to wake up in the middle of the night because they are assured that mommy is still there..

    Answer by Liyoness at 4:28 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • And yes- babies 6 months old DO need feedings in the middle of the night!!
    It all depends on the child.. My eldest was a constant nurser- right up until about 18 months she needed booby to fall back asleep.. She needed snacks several times a night..
    My new baby doesn't nurse quite as much as her, and she'll go most of a night without feedings, but that could change as she grows bigger.. I am prepared for that..
    Babies have tiny tummies, and yet are growing like CRAZY!!!!! It's kinda silly to assume that they can go an entire 12 hours without snacks!!! There is nothing wrong with babies needing to nurse even every 2 hours - chances are, that's why they woke up in the first place!
    When you have to walk across the hall to get them, well, they have more time to wake up and STAY awake after that.. Keeping them close eliminates that.

    Answer by Liyoness at 4:32 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • i sleep with my baby,but when she wakes up i just lay there with her and give her her pacifir she stays awake for about 40minutes then falls back asleep,she plays with her pacy though.

    Answer by angelairelan at 5:08 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • My son does that too sometimes. After he's feed and changed. I just leave him in his bed with either the mobile on. Mine gives off just a little bit of light & plays music. Or he has a teddy bear that plays real relaxing music, it puts me back to sleep! It can be aggrevating, just be patient. I know the more you hold or talk to the baby, the more likely they will stay awake.

    Answer by T.Beannie77 at 1:26 PM on Nov. 12, 2008

  • my son is only 2 months, but he wants attention, so I cuddle with him, then put him in his little vibrating chair toy, next to the bed, and gently bounce it, and that seems to help.

    Answer by Momma_Neko at 11:23 PM on Nov. 12, 2008

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