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how do i get my toddler to eat! shes very picky..and she does not like anything

she takes pediasure once a day.. and she only wants to have milk... she has two 5 ounce bottles through out the day.. she barely eats anything else.. shes 26 months old now..

how do i get her to eat!
her doctor says that i cant force her to eat.. and to just keep offering..

but looking at her she is too skinny for her age.. shes only 24 lbs..

i keep offering food all day long.. she would have a bite here and there.. but nothing more than a bite or two..

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Asked by Anonymous at 12:41 AM on Jan. 4, 2011 in Toddlers (1-2)

Answers (7)
  • I don't know where you live, but 24 pounds for a child between 1 and 3 would qualify as 'normal' in my experience.

    It is also normal for toddlers to eat only a few bites at a time, partly because they're not growing nearly as fast as they were, and partly because they're busy doing other things and their low appetites fail to distract them from their explorations.

    They don't need much, and all of it should be real food. If you had only 800 calories to spend in a day's intake, 200 calories of a chocolate bar or sugar-water (with or without the vitamin in it, labelled 'pediasure' or any other fake food), is 1/4 of a daily diet in garbage, and no body can thrive on that --at any age.

    Answer by LindaClement at 12:48 AM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • I just took my son to the WIC office today to pick up his checks and he weighed in at 31 lbs. 6ozs.. I was told he was in the 90th percentile for his age. He drinks about 4-5 9oz. cups of 1% or 2% milk every day and the nurse told me he was prob. over-weight because he drinks too much milk! I have always been told to offer snacks in between meals, because their tummy's are so much smaller and hold less but every child is different. Yesterday and today, my son only ate one small meal and a few crackers for a snack. He was offered all kinds of other things throughout the day and his fave foods for dinner but was not interested.

    Answer by truthteller0722 at 12:55 AM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • but other days, it's like he cannot eat enough!!!! She may be teething and in pain and not want to eat much. I have read when he goes through those stages of eating like crazy, he is prob. having a growth spurt and the opposite prob. teething. He only has 2 more teeth (the molars, which his dentist has told me are THE most painful for toddlers) to come in. Has she been to the dentist yet, the development of the "baby teeth" can explain a lot when it comes to toddler behavior. My son started getting teeth fairly early and than had an accident while playing with his father which damaged some of his teeth about a year ago.

    Answer by truthteller0722 at 1:04 AM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • My dd is 33 months and weighs 31 lbs and she is considered "normal" at the dr's office. Her older bro weighed pretty much the same at that age but he turned 6 last month and is 4 ft tall lol. My kids have that green giant gene or something. They grow super fast. They eat a lot but they burn it all off and they're both tall for their age. DD is a picky eater too and also drowns in milk. I can only suggest to keep offering new foods constantly. Don't force them to eat anything. Ds was a really picky eater too when he was a oddler but he eats a variety of things now. My rule is with a new food he must take one bite and if he doesn't like it he doesn't have to eat it. If he does like it he may have more. This way it gets him to discover new foods and give them a chance but its in a way that it's not forced. Pedisure has a lot of sugar and that can't be good to be filling up on. Try offering fruit like bananas and applesauce.

    Answer by SweetLoveofMine at 1:13 AM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • I have also read that presentation is key when serving toddlers. Try making some pancakes with some rolled oats and cinnamom and applesauce in them. Use a cookie cutter and make shapes that dd will recognize like a dog or cat or something. Let her drizzle a bit of real maple syrup on there or a bit of fruit topping or whipped cream. You can do the same thing with pizza. Maybe make a smiley face on her pizza with green peppers or some other veggie. Tell her the broccoli is little green trees. Put some low fat parmesean on them and say it snowed on the trees! Make food seem interesting. Let her see you eating these foods too. Sweet potato fries are easy to make and healthy if baked with olive oil!

    Answer by SweetLoveofMine at 1:20 AM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • My DD is a grazer. I have bags of produce and crackers and cheeses in the fridge. Then she tells me which bag she wants. Sometimes I'll throw in different things in the bag (like grapes with cheese) to see what she likes and what she doesn't. That definitely works.

    Answer by SlightlyPerfect at 7:56 AM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • My daughter is 19 months and at meals she doesnt eat much. Some meals she only eats a few bites. SO we offer snacks between meals. Try high fat foods like cheese and avacado. Some days she eats well some days she doesnt. At that age I would cut out the bottles and see if your child will at more solids. I once read to consider what they eat over the period of a week rather than a day. I have been quite suprised at how little my daughter eats and she is growing and developing well so I am calm about it.

    Answer by navyjen at 9:10 AM on Jan. 4, 2011

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