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9yrs and pull ups?

so my step daughter still wears pull ups at night and when she wakes up its soaked i personally think this is a problem but being the step mom its really not my say or call but i mean i think theres something wrong

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Asked by Anonymous at 8:46 PM on Jan. 4, 2011 in Tweens (9-12)

Answers (15)
  • A lot of kids wet the bed but I def. think it'd be worth having her checked out by the Dr.

    Answer by genagina at 8:47 PM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • Being a step mom has nothing to do with it. She's still your step child and if you think she should be checked by a doctor then make an appointment. My dd had to have a corrective surgery when she was four or five.So it could be a physical issue or it could be an emotional one. Either way you need to take care of her as if she were your own. I don't think you are overstepping any boundaries when it's in her best interest.

    Answer by 2autisticsmom at 8:52 PM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • I wet the bed for a long time, I talked to a psychologist and he linked it to my abusive childhood, and that I witnessed a lot of abuse, so whenever I felt even a little uncomfortable I would wet the bed. They do have medicine but it basically dehydrates the child so they don't have the urge to urinate.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:52 PM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • I would hope that her mom or dad have already spoken to the pedi concerning this...if not, then maybe you could bring it up somehow so as not to upset anyone. I've never researched this, but maybe there is stuff out there and you can read up on it b/c talking to anyone so you are prepared.

    Answer by MommyH2 at 8:54 PM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • If she hasn't seen a Dr. yet about this it should be on the top of the list. Some kids have nighttime incontinence for a long time without any real cause to point to. Some kids have medical issues that make it something they can't control. You need to know which type you're dealing with. Also they can refer you to urology who can help you with strategies to keep her dry at night. If we don't get our 6 yr old up between 11-11:30 to urinate he won't be dry in the morning. As long as we take him (even half asleep) he's fine. I would start talking to her Dad immediately.

    Answer by GrnEyedGrandma at 8:56 PM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • It could be a medical problem, or just something she'll outgrow as her body matures, but, she should definitely be checked out to be sure. I wet the bed until I was in 3rd grade. Come to find out, I had a problem that had to be fixed surgically. So, when my son was still wetting every night at the age of 8, we took him to a urologist to be checked out just in case he had the same problem. We were told he was fine & it was something he'd outgrow which he did at the age of 10. The Dr. said it was that his bladder & the muscles that control it was immature & as he got older, it would correct itself.

    Answer by ghostwriter777 at 8:59 PM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • Bedwetting is not always caused by deep rooted psychological issues. Sometimes, it's a matter of the brain not doing what it is supposed to do at a certain age. My sister was a bed wetter until she was about 9 and my one step son wet the bed until he was 13. Both underwent medical testing. Both saw a therapist. Neither one had a medical issue or psychological issues.
    #1--Be understanding--do not yell, scream or jump up and down
    #2--Do not punish for wetting the bed
    #3--Be supportive--she most likely isn't happy about it either

    Take her to a doctor and have her checked out. Don't insist that somethign has to be wrong, there really might not be. The doctor might be able to recommened things that you can try. We tried positive reiforcements, limiting fluids, bed alarms and visualization methods. None of them worked. Finally, when he was 11 year old (after started all of this at age 6), we started medication

    Answer by layh41407 at 9:00 PM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • The medication helped. He was finally able to go to sleepovers and felt a whole let better about himself. I know they show those kids going to sleepovers in the Goodnights, but he didn't want too and he frequently wet through them, as well. He just need to remember to take his pills about an hour before bedtime.

    Answer by layh41407 at 9:02 PM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • My son is 9 and wears pull-ups to bed although he now only wets sporadically unless he's super tired. Then he just doesn't notice he has to go. I'm not worried at all about him.
    My middle daughter is 8 and still soaks her pull-ups almost every night. I haven't started to worry yet. Their pediatrician said he wouldn't even worry or do anything about it unless they were still wedding the bed every night at 8 or 9. Well she just turned 8 so I'm waiting to see if it doesn't get any better by the end of summer. If not then she will go see the doctor about it. They are both very heavy sleepers and just don't get the message that they have to pee when they are in a deep sleep.

    Answer by justanotherjen at 9:09 PM on Jan. 4, 2011

  • theres a meds for kids wet the bed my nice was talking it and it help not let her have drinkafter 6 or 7 and some kids sleep deap that they dont know that they pee my 8 year still wears pull up becasue he has alot of problem

    Answer by ilovemyson2002 at 9:10 PM on Jan. 4, 2011

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