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do u believe in the phrase "what has to be must be"

for example; i went for a bike ride and got hit by a car. do u think that i was destined to leave my house for that bike ride and get hit by the car or my mom COULD have come over for a visit and i would never have gotten hit by that car? it is a weird question and i have always wondered about destiny. if an incident was not supposed to happen, then why did it happen?

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Asked by maya123 at 9:00 AM on Jan. 6, 2011 in Just for Fun

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  • not necessarily, altho some coincidences are baffling to me. Like why is it whenever I walk across an empty parking spot or driveway, some one pulls up at that very second and wants to go right there and the rest of the time before and after there's no cars whatsoever.

    Answer by Mandz1 at 9:05 AM on Jan. 6, 2011

  • No. Every single moment in our lives is directed by the choices that we make. Not by a predetermined force guiding us in a particular direction. The driver of that car could've decided not to go out that day, or you could've decided to take a different route on your ride. Either way it could've happened differenlty, but not because of destiny, but because of the choices that you make. Every thing in our lives is dictated souly by the choices that we as individuals make, and nothing is predetermined.

    Answer by JazzlikeMraz at 9:22 AM on Jan. 6, 2011

  • there are many different possible futures. And to each one a different outcome, different events that lead up to it. But in the end it is us that molds and forms our futures with and by the choices we make. In life nothing is certain, for each thing we do, each choice we make alters the future ahead of us. Is it destiny, yes in a way. . . it was destined to happen should you chose to go biking and should that person chose to be a driver. . . etc. etc. Does that make sense?
    Anyhow that is MHO.

    Answer by Kirs at 9:22 AM on Jan. 6, 2011

  • Sorry to hear about your accident but sometimes things happen for a reason its weird but maybe if you did not get hit by that car it could have been worse or whatever the case but life is full of surprises.
    I hate it when I need to go check the mail and most of the time the neighbors are outside well whenever I see no one out someone all of a sudden needs to go out or pull out of their driveway I mean it is always perfect timing well not for me but no one is around and and as soon as I step out going in motion to the mail box BOOM! some one out of no where...aarrgg!!!
    Like the trash truck here I am waiting looking out the window and the trash is still sitting outside the moment I step out RRRrrrrr!!! there comes the trash truck OMG! the timing....ugh! Why can't I win the lottery or something fun....ugh!! LIFE I love it :)

    Answer by Butterfly1108 at 9:49 AM on Jan. 6, 2011

  • I believe all things happen for a reason. We may not know why at the time or for many years to come, but there is a reason. I hope you are ok and have no ill effects from your accident.

    Answer by meandmyshadow at 12:35 PM on Jan. 6, 2011

  • I think things happen for a reason reasons we dont all understand. For instance some people are bad alcoholics and after recovery they want to help others that are alcoholics and who best to help but a reformed alcoholic thats already been through it. Or a rape victum that goes to schools to help other girls understand rape. Sometimes good comes out of bad

    Answer by Momabear455 at 1:19 PM on Jan. 6, 2011

  • well i dont like when i talk to some1 & some1 else interupts me & continues to talk about what i was saying

    Answer by Ricanmami1 at 2:16 PM on Jan. 6, 2011

  • i was not hit by a car ladies,it was just an example.

    Comment by maya123 (original poster) at 4:34 PM on Jan. 6, 2011

  • well.. I dont know about that. why was I destined to be rear ended? so that I could go through the hassle of the insurance claim, then the hassle of finding a body shop, then the body shop delaying putting the new bumper on for a month, then my insurance company not believing the insurance info that the at fault driver filled out and still wanting me to pay the $500 deductible even though I didnt do anything but stop so someone else could make a left turn? destiny or crappy luck?

    Answer by cassie_kellison at 7:31 AM on Jan. 10, 2011

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