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Ok why the hell is it that men seem to feel the need to share their bodily functions with you???

Sooooo Josh is sitting here. And he farts. That in itsself is bad enough! Then he reaches out and fans it at me and says "Ooooh that was a bad one huh???" like it was cute!!! I seriously think I could have died from the smell If I hadn't opened the door. I yelled and asked why he did it. "Oh... I was just trying to share with you." HA! Share my ass.....Anybody else have husband that does gross things like this?


Asked by MarlyeGirl at 7:34 PM on Nov. 11, 2008 in Just for Fun

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Answers (13)
  • Guys are just gross!! I have been married for almost 6 yrs now and his favorite thing to do is give me a "dutch oven" (he farts while in bed then pulls the blanket over my head and makes me smell it. GAG!! I'd like to choke him when he does that!! I grew up with 5 guys(4 brothers and my dad) so mom and I put up with nasty smells all the time!! LOL

    Answer by mommom2_3boys at 9:04 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • My husband does all the time, and I yell at him all the time. I'm like if you know, then you can at least go in the other room. Man one night he was a sleep and I was in that half awake half a sleep kinda state, and I swear his smell woke me up and I wanted to die!! It drives me nuts!!

    Answer by AnnHenderson at 7:37 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • Who knows,

    Answer by LexsiesMommy at 8:03 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • OMG he drives me crazy. He would go take a dump and come out and tell me why he took so long. Like because he had to push really hard and it wasn't liquidy. Or he'll say that was a fast one because he barely had to use any power and all the poop just comes out. EWWWWWW and then sometimes he farts across the room and says, "oOo I smell it, must mean I gotta poop." I'm telling you the guy takes about 3 or 4 dumps a day, and they stink like hell!

    Answer by sweetvietchic at 8:17 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • Umm, yes my husband will fart, burp, and pick his balls and ass in front of me...he is disqusting!!!! I feel weird to do that shit in front of him, also the fact that I dont have balls to I dont get why he does it in front of me....errrr

    Answer by MaiasMommy619 at 8:24 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • I have wondered the same thing! My SO tells me about his boogers, farts, craps and burps! There is no need to share that! I don't share it but he sure does lol

    Answer by iluvnatty2907 at 8:47 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • men love to fart, and share them..mine actually beams when its especially toxic, and know, like you could actually see the color of a fart!

    Answer by thehairnazi at 8:54 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • I guess is closure. HAAA, HAAA, HAAAA!

    Answer by MAMIFUKETE at 9:02 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • lmao mommom2_3boys that reminds me of a couple my parents knew.. the husband would do that to her so one time she got so fed up she farted and did the same thing to him. OMG he got soooo pissed and started yelling and actually was about to hit her!

    Answer by sweetvietchic at 9:43 PM on Nov. 11, 2008

  • watch this!! You'll love it!

    Answer by Babylove76 at 10:15 PM on Nov. 11, 2008