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Your fine, than one day your life changes. Anyone with medical knowlege about anxiety disorders?

Why is it, that one could be fine...functional if you know what I mean. Able to work, and able to go out in public without any difficulty, than one day you are not. I have yet to find an answer. I have heard theories.

I was quirky kid...but happy for the most part. Something happened to me on 10/12/99. That was my first panic attack, and I've had anxiety ever since. Enough to be on disability.

I keep trying to think of what caused this. Did I have a TIA or something, did I have a mental break down kwim... I wish I knew what physically happened.

I did have a hepB shot a few days prior, so I've been researching that. I did have a diagnosis of PDD-NOS before that...but it did not stop me from working or living a happy life. I basically just thought too deeply about things, and was pretty naive :*/ That can't be the cause. I've have 27 EKG's, an echocardiogram, a 24hour heart test, I forget what it's called, but pretty much it's a 24hr EKG. I've had a catscan due to migraines, which I did not have before 10/12/99. I did not have back pain until 10/12/99. I really wish I knew what exactly happened. I was at work, it was 8:57am. I remember this because I was working at a nursing home, and I was stressed because I still had resisdents that needed to be up and dressed,and I only had 3 minutes to go!! I had a double case load because a girl called in sick. uggghh... It's annoying that I don't have an answer. I have learned to live with this, but I really would like to know why. Anyone have any insight?
 also, wanted to add, I now am tired all the time.  Yes, I am on meds so I can function.  I was 19 when this happened


Asked by kaileymom79 at 5:37 PM on Jan. 6, 2011 in Health

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  • Oh I am so sorry... We have Mental illness really thick in our families and I also have depression./anxiety/adhd and have gone through similar multiple testings like you have. Its hard to deal with..especially with no answers .. we have a chemical imbalance ( my mom and I and her brother and sister ) so I seem to build up a tolerance so fast on most meds and in 16 years have been on over 30 - I have gone through too many shrinks/counselors because they don't feel they are getting anywhere because I don't have ISSUES to deal with or to over come - I am sad/anxious/Depressed and for NO F-ing Reason.. and Its frustrating.. I am not much help as I am doing what I can and on a max dose of yet ANOTHER medication and not looking forward to another wean off -mood swinging -hope for a med that works session.. but I don't know what else to do either. GL!!!

    Answer by maxsmom11807 at 5:50 PM on Jan. 6, 2011

  • I have no MEDICAL advice since I am not in the medical profession but I did have panic attacks, and I haven't had them in about 2 years. Let me tell you, for me it was because I was overwhelmed and didn't know how to say it or didn't think I could. I never delt with issues in my childhood and I couldn't be a fully functioning adult. I went and saw a therapist and got some coping methods. For me it was reconizing what I was feeling so I could wrap my head around it. Also I was smoking to try to cope w the anxiety and that was only making it worse. I would say for you maybe with help of someone else, break down what were you doing to feel like that and how can you deal with those feelings when you are in it. I send you well wishes, being someone who came out the other side of that. You need to address this before you will ever be able to move past it. Good Luck

    Answer by Kelly2573 at 5:45 PM on Jan. 6, 2011

  • did u hit ur back or head against anything that day? i suffer from ppd-ptsd and a host of other things. i also have panic attacks. i take meds and im able to get through the day but when an attack happens i want to hide. one of those attacks caused me to black out and wear the 24/hr monitor of the heart too. alot of the time i can write in my stress jounral and then look back and find out what caused the attack. gl.

    Answer by knagsmom at 5:46 PM on Jan. 6, 2011