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What do you believe about the Bible?

Fact or Fiction?

Written by man? Inspired Word of God?

Meant to be taken literally? Did each story actually happen as it is written, or is it symbolic? Or both?

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Asked by lovinangels at 9:58 AM on Jan. 7, 2011 in Religious Debate

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  • Written by man but 100% inspired by God! I believe that we should live our lives based on that book alone and what I've just learned is that when you love God and His son the Holy Spirit guides us every day even in reading the bible to help us understand it and walk it out on this earth!! So cool!!

    Answer by shannon51778 at 10:02 AM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • Anyone who speaks another language alone knows how difficult it is to translate from one language tot another. sO much meaning and nuance and societal background is lost.
    Now, there's been about 5 translations through languages which we can never fully understand.

    It's been translated by people for power, profit, and it was put together by people for power and profit and control...

    That's a pretty bad basis for a god.

    Answer by Piskie at 10:06 AM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • Fact or Fiction? Both

    Written by man? Inspired Word of God? Written by men

    Meant to be taken literally? Did each story actually happen as it is written, or is it symbolic? Or both?  Both.  I think there are some reasonably accurate descriptions of historical events and places (sometimes even verified by other historical documents or archaeological findings).  I also think much of it is allegory, and was never meant to be taken literally.  I believe there are also parts that were literal at the time, but they are particular to that time and culture and don't have the same meaning now.  So, I see it as mostly allegory.


    Answer by pam19 at 10:20 AM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • I believe as much of the Bible as I do other mythological stories like The Iliad and Gilgamesh. Which is none of it.

    Answer by CraftingMama at 10:21 AM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and I believe it literally - God said 7 days, He meant 7 days.

    Answer by missanc at 10:24 AM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • I believe Jesus walked this earth & was a super influential, awesome human being. I believe he is an "Avatar" (an avatar is a hindu word that means someone who reincarnated on this earth specifically to help human kind)

    I do not believe it all in a literal sense. I believe the stories of Jesus are true, but i don't believe in many of the interpretations of the bible. I believe he may have been the only savior for that time period, but not for the whole universe at all times. My brain is too smart & thinks too much to ever believe that to be true.

    I second Pam19 pretty much...

    Answer by samurai_chica at 10:29 AM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • Fact
    Parables, Josephs dreams, some ot visions, nt visions are symbolic and the rest literal

    Answer by Shaneagle777 at 10:32 AM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • Written by man. I think of it like mythology, where there may have been some basis in fact originally, but over time the stories have changed and been enhanced to support the idea of a god and add a percieved validity to the religion.

    Answer by anng.atlanta at 10:52 AM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • I believe the Bible is 100% true and accurate. Given to us by God, as He inspired prophets, apostles and disciples to write what He wanted us to know and have. It is to be taken 100% literally, and the stories both happened, and are used for instruction, comfort, encouragement, admonishment, and to show us the way to Heaven.

    Answer by cbk_mom3 at 10:57 AM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • I believe that it is a wonderful work of fiction.

    Answer by ObbyDobbie at 11:19 AM on Jan. 7, 2011

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