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Why is she never home?

There is this person I sort a know she is in her late 40's she has a 20 17 & a 10 yr. old living at home collecting child support for all 3 dad got behind for the 20 yr. old anyway she pretty much comes and goes as she pleases, even though it is not any of my business I am concerned of these kids yes the 20 yr. old is of age (as she puts it) I still think she is still young I mean some kids grow up and act like adults but to me she still acts like she is 15 or 16 she just going along with everyday stuff she is acting just like her mom. Should the mom be a mom now she has had 3 failed marriages and works and goes to bar after work my question is What about the kids? (Woman) be home for the kids....I do not like moms like this. venting alittle

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Asked by Anonymous at 4:45 PM on Jan. 7, 2011 in General Parenting

Answers (8)
  • The ten yo would be my only concern. Id stay out of it but if I noticed that he/she was being neglected and/or put in danger Id have to report it.

    Answer by Steph319 at 4:46 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • If you are afraid for the children, call child services. Otherwise, stay out of it. It isn't your business, and you don't know what is really going on. She could be working several jobs, or caring for a sick loved one. You DON'T know, and if the children are not in danger, then you should not interfere.

    Answer by mrskrisher at 4:47 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • I know the feeling. My skids mom is like that she has a 14, 12 and 9 year old and they fend for themselves. She is not there to wake them up for school or home to help with homework it is soo sad. Dad now has custody of the 12 and 9 yr old and the stories of what has been going on in the other home breaks our hearts.

    Answer by hotrodlassie at 4:49 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • I do know she doesn't cook for them they are always eating out or when she feels like coming home she'll pick something up. And they are always alone. :( She just met a dude so I bet that is where she is at :/
    (AND I DID SAY IT WAS NOT MY BUSINESS)...duh! Just wanted to hear you end...geesh!

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 4:50 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • I never heard of a mom like that. My Mom was around pretty much of the time when she was not working, unless she worked over time. In that case she brought me to the office with her because the other employees went home. In fact because she was a book keeper and did payroll, I kind of guess that is where I learned how to keep track of things. I wasn't always good... I got intot he coffee maker, palyed on the electric type writer, the office radio, and the copier machine. I used to copy everything in that office from the scribbling to the bunched up paper from the paper jam my mom had just fixed.

    Answer by idaspida at 4:51 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • for the 10 year old yes she should be. I agree with you

    Answer by jennmargaret at 5:37 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • My mom was hardly ever home when I was growing up, but I know she was working/going to school and she did have a boyfriend. But I don't think I was neglected, maybe the kids feel the same. The 10 year old I would worry, but if her older sibling 17 is with her/him and is responsible, I wouldn't worry too much. I was responsible for my brother a lot growing up (we are 4 years apart) and we both turned out fine.

    Answer by Bubbie0809 at 6:33 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • I can understand your concern for children left alone and live in a dysfunctional home, but really hon, with a 20 year old there she has a scape goat for her un-motherly ways. Actually they will learn to fend for themselves better than others that have very good care. I wish the best for that little 10 year old tho.


    Answer by zbee at 12:26 PM on Jan. 8, 2011

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