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Wouldnt this kind of make you annoyed?

I just found out that my brother and his wife are having their first baby ( my first neice /nephew ) ... I am so excited and I have been waiting for this since they met ( I cant have any more kids and have been missing the baby-ness) ....

My husband and I were talking about it and I was telling him how I just realized that we will be the only aunt and uncle ( I didnt think of it before but I am my brothers only sibling and she has no siblings so we would be) ..I just thought it was neat to think that and made it more special to think of it ( since I am a stay at home mom and they both work, it is already planned that I will be the one watching it too.... so if that can explain how excited I am and how close I will get to the baby) ....

Anyways right as I said that ( I was sitting at the computer) my SILs friend popped up on Facebook and said " she just texted me and told me I am going to be an aunt" ..... that just annoyed me so much ... mostly because this is the same friend that she always complains about ( talks about how trashy she is, how much of a big mouth she is and complains how she uses the system) .... and then she announces on facebook that she is pregnant... and her other friends comment on it ( 4 of them) and she tells them all that they are all going to be the aunts....

I mean I know I am just jealous but it just bugs me that the baby is going to have all these "aunts" and i thought it was going to be so special ...

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Asked by Anonymous at 11:19 PM on Jan. 7, 2011 in Parenting Debate

Answers (15)
  • You'll still be so special!

    Answer by misses_nick at 11:21 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • You'll just have to make it special in your own way as the child grows up. I have only one biological niece and she lives far, far away and barely knows who I am. She gets bday and Christmas stuff from me, but barely knows my name when she sees me.... I can only do so much from this distance. If you're close, do what you can.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:23 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • The more love that child has, the better of he/she will be...IMO. So you should be happy that there are so many people to love that little baby!
    On the other hand, they won't be a true "Aunt"....your blood and you'll be around the baby more than any of them will.....I wouldn't worry about it. Spoil them because you love them....I think you'll always be #1 in that baby's "Aunt" list :)

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:23 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • You are the only true aunt to the I think ur being petty yes..Dont let it bug you so much. I've seen countless woman refer to there friends as "aunts" to their children. I do.They are close to my heart and just like sisters..and maybe thats how it is for her since her never had them. think about that.

    Answer by SweetPoison at 11:23 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • My friends often refer to me as the "aunt" of their children, even if they have sisters. I think that this is simply recognition that these friends are close.

    Even friends can complain about each other. You can love someone and still be annoyed by something they do. No relationship is perfect, and even the best of friends fight. And, sometimes friends are actually closer than relatives when it comes to the strength of the relationship.

    I wouldn't take it too personally. Remember that NOTHING can change your status to this child. No matter what happens-- divorce, death, etc., you will ALWAYS be this child's aunt.

    Your neice/nephew will also be able to differentiate as they get older. They may call these friends "aunties," but just remind your neice/nephew that you're their real auntie cuz you're their forever auntie.

    Answer by Busimommi at 11:25 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • I understand, both of my younger sisters are pregnant right now actually and due with a month of each other (one in Feb. and one in March). For the eldest this is her 4th pregnancy and 5th child (first preg. was twins and my nephew died of SIDS about a month after their birth), I am super happy and excited for my baby sis because this is her first baby and her boyfriend proposed on X-mas day and she accepted. Both of them are engaged now!! I see comments from my baby sis's friends on FB about them "being aunts" and yes it makes me a bit jealous but I am her blood family, I will be aunt to both of new nieces no matter what!! Just remember that!!

    Answer by truthteller0722 at 11:29 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • Have you always had a hard time 'sharing" ? It is not all about YOU.

    Answer by Anonymous at 11:48 PM on Jan. 7, 2011

  • Just because the friend and other friends say they're "Aunts" doesn't take away from what you are to the baby. You're real family and that's more important then some friend calling themselves an "Aunt".

    Answer by JazzlikeMraz at 12:01 AM on Jan. 8, 2011

  • Awww.....don't be that way. Sure her friends will be "auntie .....", but that just means that there is more love to go around. Honestly, so many people accept the name without fulfilling the part. Just make sure that you fulfill the role! I love being an aunt to my one sister's kids. My other sister lives far and I don't know her children...only on holidays! Just be grateful you have the chance to be a great auntie! Family is so important.

    Answer by BridgetC140 at 1:09 AM on Jan. 8, 2011

  • You will be this Child's Aunt and you will be special but the more love a child gets the better!

    Answer by Roadfamily6now at 2:03 AM on Jan. 8, 2011

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