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Have You Ever Been Robbed?

I was a teller about 6 mos. when a guy handed me a note to give him all my $. WELL, I had a 5 yr old, and I handed him ALL my $. I couldn't pull the alarm in the top drawer bec he was watching me, and we didn't have the dye packs yet. That was 40 yrs ago and I still have colitis. He got caught went to jail, robbed again a week after released and got jail time again. I had people critize me because I didn't pull the alarm, and others for giving all my $, ( it was my top drawer) what he could see, but I looked at it this way, the Bank was insured, and I'm still alive.


Asked by MyAngel003 at 6:39 PM on Jan. 8, 2011 in Money & Work

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Answers (15)
  • Your life and the life of your co-workers and customers are soo much more important then the money that he stole.

    Answer by JazzlikeMraz at 7:29 PM on Jan. 8, 2011

  • You did the right thing by giving him money. I have been a teller at three different banks and they told us to never "play hero or tough guy" and ALWAYS give him some money. You probably saved the lives of the other tellers too. Don't pay attention to the *itches who criticized what you did.

    Answer by kerp1960 at 6:43 PM on Jan. 8, 2011

  • Oh my that is terrifying! Glad you are alive and well! My car was broken into here recently and my GPS IPOD were stolen!

    Answer by jdbrown21 at 6:45 PM on Jan. 8, 2011

  • Someone tried to steal our truck, luckily the truck had racing slicks on it and wouldn't pull its self up the hill he backed it down. Then dude ran when hubby shot him.

    Answer by lstrickland at 10:59 PM on Jan. 8, 2011

  • I was 18, working at the thrift store, when it was robbed one Sunday morning. One of the worse days of my life. 2 guys with guns stormed in right before we were about to open. The manager was counting the drawers and all the money was out all over the registers. People who were eating at a restaurant next door say them running away, got license numbers and called the police. The guys were caught. They were only 19 and 16 years old.

    Answer by keisha613 at 6:43 PM on Jan. 8, 2011

  • Yes when I was 5 months pregnant with my first I was having dinner at a restaurant in Buenos Aires that was held up at gunpoint by 5 men who came in and went around to every customer and held a guns to our heads and demanded our valuables. Luckily, I decided not to wear my wedding rings that night. It was pretty terrifying though especially considering I didn't understand much spanish at all at that time.

    Answer by Syphon at 6:50 PM on Jan. 8, 2011

  • Yes, my house was robbed a few weeks after my husband died. My children and I were not home at the time.


    Answer by Shines3 at 11:38 PM on Jan. 8, 2011

  • Several times my parents have had things stolen while I was growing up but it was always things outside(fall decorations, Christmas decorations, items inside their cars.) It was scary because I lived in fear for a long time that someone would break in the house while we were there. The only thing that's been stolen since being married is gas out of our car. DH was LIVID. It was when we were living in an apt complex and gas was about $5. a gallon. They stole nearly a whole tank. I don't think anyone ever had the balls to hold us up at gunpoint growing up because my dad is an former cop, packs a lot of heat in his house, and goes to target practice on a regular basis. DH used to work for the state police lol so it's all good!! Above all of those things, we have God looking out for us and guardian angels.


    Answer by SweetLoveofMine at 3:33 AM on Jan. 9, 2011

  • I wasworking at a travel agency that also had Western Union in it. A man came in our side door, demanded the western Union money. He knew where the cash was, took out of the drawer we had it in & left. I was able to give a complete description to the police & they caught him a few hours later. Because I could describe him, what he was wearing, etc I had to go to court & testify. He tried to stare me down to scare me but it didn't work!!

    When asked if I was scared I still say no, b/c between where he stood & my desk there was a "sheet" of light(NO it wasn't the sun. there was no window in that area) I knew God had angels protecting janelle & I. I even told the defense attorney when he asked if I was scared, "No sir, God was protectin us. I had nothing to fear" He had no other questions for me!!1

    Answer by WAganma56 at 4:42 AM on Jan. 9, 2011

  • Yes, I used to work as a store manager for a retailer that required us to make night deposits. One night my male cashier was acting really weird and told me that he couldn't follow me to the bank, so a management trainee followed me. The deposit box was next to the ATM and there were people at the ATM, so I didn't get out of my car. A masked man ran from around the corner and ran right up to MY car with a gun. He tried to open my car door, but it was locked, so he busted out my window with his gun and yelled at me to give him the money. I have a scar on my back from where the glass went down my shirt and cut me. The police arrived in minutes and sent dogs out, but never caught a scent. There were lots of witnesses to it. I told the police about the cashier acting weird and they never pursued it. Gee, golly, the guy never showed up for work again either!

    Answer by slw123 at 1:09 PM on Jan. 9, 2011

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