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Is pubic hair removal (shaving or waxing) acceptable?

If you found out that your daughter was removing her pubic hair and her response was "all my friends are doing it", would you be concerned? I didn't think this was so common until I found out, and then looked it up on the internet. Seems that it's very prevalent these days.

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Asked by Anonymous at 4:08 PM on Jan. 10, 2011 in Teens (13-17)

Answers (23)
  • In the age range you are speaking of I'd be concerned. Unless it was simply to trim what might peek out of a bathing suit.

    Answer by misses_nick at 4:09 PM on Jan. 10, 2011

  • I dont think I would be concerned.. Alot of girls that age do shave down there.

    Answer by xxMasonsMommaxx at 4:10 PM on Jan. 10, 2011

  • Or atleast the ones I know do, lol..

    Answer by xxMasonsMommaxx at 4:11 PM on Jan. 10, 2011

  • how old is she?
    i started trimming/shaving there around 13 or 14 originally over the summer because if not, your hair will stick out of your bathing suit bottom. then by the time i was 16 i started having sex with my boyfriend & he liked it that way so...
    i also got my eyebrows waxed for the first time when i was 13 with my mom.

    yeah i probably would let her shave. i would show her how to do it right.

    Answer by PURPULbutterfly at 4:11 PM on Jan. 10, 2011

  • Id be worried about who she was trying to impress but it's the norm nowadays and they even talk about it on regular television.

    Answer by hotrodlassie at 4:15 PM on Jan. 10, 2011

  • I've always hated pubes, so I've shaved/waxed since they started coming in fully. I think it's just routine body maintenance like shaving legs or armpits.

    Answer by Nanixh at 4:15 PM on Jan. 10, 2011

  • I would be concerned because from my experience...I'm almost 21 and when all of my friends started trimming and shaving it was because they were talking about or having sex. Unless as the other's have said...if she's doing it just in the summer time then I'd understand or if she is a swimmer or something. But like I said, my friends all started talking about sex and how guys only like girls being trimmed or shaved and then they start shaving and then they start having sex shortly thereafter. I'd say it varies though, I mean you daughter might really just want to do it because everyone else is...but I dont know? I don't see how she'd do it for that reason because it's not llike the other girls are going to see that know? It's not like something that's out in the open that will make a difference if she really does or not. If she was doing it just cause the other girls were she could simply just tell them she did.

    Answer by menko21 at 4:17 PM on Jan. 10, 2011

  • She probably is doing it because she changes in front of girls during gym or maybe she doesn't like the hair down there. I do have a daughter and if I found out she was shaving I would ask her why and do some investigating just to reassure myself that there wasn't more to her story, just so if she was starting to become sexually active I could help her take precaution.

    Answer by Proud_Mommy05 at 4:18 PM on Jan. 10, 2011

  • I would talk to her about it. It could very well be that this is her personal preference. I found out that my daughter was shaving her pubic area when she started shaving her legs. She said she "just doesn't like being hairy." I had "the talk" with her shortly thereafter and suggest that you do the same with your daughter.

    Answer by neebug3766 at 4:23 PM on Jan. 10, 2011

  • No I wouldn't be concerned. I started trimming all of it and shaving my bikini line when I was 14 because we had a pool at school. It's not harmful, and it's really no indication of sexual activity now, since it's so popular for girls to do it just because they like things better that way.

    Answer by Mrs.BAT at 4:58 PM on Jan. 10, 2011

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