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facebookers.. what kind of status updater are you?

are you the kind that updates your status every five minutes?

or the kind that wants everyone to know you're latest fight with a loved one or friend?

or constantly telling everyone how miserable your life is?

or just update every now and then, with things that aren't too personal?


Asked by tnm786 at 4:39 PM on Jan. 11, 2011 in Just for Fun

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Answers (14)
  • I'm the last option you listed. I update maybe once every 2 months or so. I don't consider myself or my life so important that everybody needs to know every time I take a shit.
    The narcissism of it is incredible to me, but it's so common now that most people don't even think about it.

    Answer by vicesix at 4:41 PM on Jan. 11, 2011

  • My favorite time to post is when I have something Witty or Funny to share.

    One thing I refuse to post is personal conflict with my DH, which is very rare, but really sharing your relationships minor ups and downs, is pathetic to me. I think it's disrespectful to your partner SO, DH whatever they may be.

    I like to share dorky things my kids do from time to time. I know not everyone adores them as much as I do, so I don't share everything : )

    I like to keep my posts to a minimum of 1-3 posts a day if that. If I really have something good to share then I'll post multiple. I don't want to flood the newsfeed with I went here, here, here, and here today. Haterz this haterz, that, pitty me please... etc.

    GREAT question by the way!!! Super thumbs up on a fun topic.

    Answer by Skepticchick at 5:00 PM on Jan. 11, 2011

  • I never state if I am not home. I just generally will say something like...Man the Laundry is taking over.

    Answer by Misteh at 4:40 PM on Jan. 11, 2011

  • I usually update every once in a while

    Answer by ButterflyMom194 at 4:41 PM on Jan. 11, 2011

  • Once in awhile...mostly funny stuff.

    Answer by ashisamom at 4:43 PM on Jan. 11, 2011

  • I'm an every "now and thener", nothing too personal. I don't do the "drama" status updates. I've blocked the status updates for a few friends, it was ridiculous how often, and how drama-filled their statuses were. (I kept them as friends because they follow our band).

    Answer by Scuba at 4:44 PM on Jan. 11, 2011

  • I am an all the time updater...but that is because I am 3000 miles from my family and they like to know what is going on lol

    Answer by ryanlynn at 4:44 PM on Jan. 11, 2011

  • LOL! DH and I were talking about this a while back! We were grouping our friends into FB catagories. Like the "I only update my status to get attention!" people. Those are the one's who will write some mysterious question just so ppl will ask, "What's wrong?" Or the "I update my status to let everyone know what I'm doing every second of the day!" people. Then, there's the "I only update my status to post quotes and blessings!" people. We had so many and we were laughing so hard!

    Answer by kenzie07 at 4:47 PM on Jan. 11, 2011

  • I dunno... Here are my last few updates. You tell me.
    looks like Carl is having a bad morning which mean we are ALL having a bad morning... Hopefully it will get better because we have a fun birthday party to go to today at 2. (look A**** I remembered it's @ 2)
    Saturday at 10:16am
    Snow is too cold. Lets' have a heat wave instead. Who want's to go to the beach!?
    Sunday at 1:30pm
    Has had fun today. Playing outside and making snowcream!! It was delicious!!
    23 hours ago
    is considering a refreshing walk to wal-mart. Don't really need anything... just wanting to get out of the house.
    5 hours ago
    Noooooo!!! No school 3days in a row!!!!
    31 minutes ago

    Answer by But_Mommie at 4:55 PM on Jan. 11, 2011

  • I am an every now and then updater. Here's my current status:

    FACEBOOK LAWS* (1) Keep your baby Momma/Daddy, ya boo, your ex, your friend, off your page if they cant handle what they see. (2) Stop taking every comment or post so seriously or personally or out of context. (3) When you get into it with someone don't post it on your wall.(We're Grown). EVERYONE START TODAY and if you agree, I DARE YOU TO REPOST! FB has destroyed lives and relationships. IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS!!!!

    It applies to several people in my friend list.

    Answer by Izsarejman at 5:55 PM on Jan. 11, 2011