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When do you know when the partying has gone to far, or if its normal teenage partying?? I know I did my share...

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Asked by Anonymous at 9:51 PM on Nov. 12, 2008 in Adult Children (18+)

Answers (15)
  • what do you mean by too far

    Answer by hunters_mom820 at 9:55 PM on Nov. 12, 2008

  • I mean how much is too much? How od you know if they need help?

    Answer by Anonymous at 9:56 PM on Nov. 12, 2008

  • i don't think teenagers under the age of 21 should be partying at all. whe i was growing up the drinking age was 18 and alcohol was much more accessible. i really wish i would have waited until i was more mature, not to mention i had some near misses because during my partying episodes.

    Answer by pugpin at 9:57 PM on Nov. 12, 2008

  • i forgot to mention, it's plain illegal to drink underage. this teenager is risking at the very least having an arrest record.

    Answer by pugpin at 9:58 PM on Nov. 12, 2008

  • Well i have a sister who started going out being a wild girl at 14 years old. Now she is 19 and cant live a day without being high. The partying turned into drugs. You need to be very careful and wise about this. My husband was the same way. he is now 25 and a recovered drug addict and alcoholic. He said at first when he was 14 he would just drink with his friends before their outings and later before school and later all day! It turned into hard drugs and a dependency on Cocain. His parent decided to put him in rehab at age 16 until he was 18. Thats when I met him, when he finally got to attend public school. lol. I kept his nose clean! anyways, It really helped him and he overcome his addictions. So you need to be smart, if you think its outahand then step in and make soething happen.

    Answer by Anonymous at 10:14 PM on Nov. 12, 2008

  • If you have to drink everyday. If you drink to get drunk on purpose. If drinking effects your school work or home life, or your job you have a problem.

    National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information


    Answer by vbruno at 10:31 PM on Nov. 12, 2008

  • Under age drinking is illegal, whether they are in their own home or not.


    Answer by Star419 at 11:47 PM on Nov. 12, 2008

  • Of course I know its illegal, that wasn't the question.

    Answer by Anonymous at 8:04 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • Experts always say that the first time abuse happens is when you get help. If you wait until you KNOW there is a problem then it is too late. There is no such thing as too soon when it comes to intervention. An 18 year old who drinks is abusing alcohol. Abuse is defined as when you are inappropriately using a substance. It is inappropriate for someone under 21 to drink and at 18 she should not be "partying." The fact that you titled your post ALCOHOLISM is a big red flag that you are concerned. So talk to her, set some rules if she is living in your home, and don't condone whate she is doing. Yes, you may have done your fair share of prartying in your day but that doesn't mean it was right for you either. Go be her parent and sometimes that means tough love. Especially before she hurts herself or anyone else. Drinking can be deadly.

    Answer by frogdawg at 9:50 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • here's the answer, if you even have to ask the original question, it's a problem.

    Answer by pugpin at 7:24 PM on Nov. 13, 2008

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