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Please don't say "eww" about my Scorpion...

I asked a question regarding a Scorpion I got a couple weeks ago. Now I have another question...

We fed him some medium sized crickets as instructed. Or rather, we put some in his tank...they are still there.
He burrowed and whatnot, and today I became concerned with the number of crickets still in the tank (it seems they are all still alive) so I uncovered him and agitated him a little, and now he is on the hunt!

However, after watching him for about 15 mins, there were about 4 different times he had a cricket in the perfect position to strike, but he didn't....but he is still hunting....

Are the crickets too fast for him? They are only medium sized so I doubt they are too big...

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Asked by CarolynBarnett at 12:11 AM on Nov. 13, 2008 in Pets

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  • I'm so sorry! I'm one of the ones who said "eww" before! Didn't mean to offend!

    Answer by Mishelly728 at 12:12 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • :) lol, no worries, if anyone said anything about a pet tarantula or something I would say "eww" too!

    However, I did forget to mention....I took out all of the cover (2 separate pieces of bark) so that the crickets are in plain site...he is chasing them around but not accomplishing anything :(

    Answer by CarolynBarnett at 12:15 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • Uhhhhhhhhhhh I really have no experience with scorpians. Have you called the Vet? Seriously, I answer phones for a living via an answering service. I have never had a call about a scorpian. Lots of dog's wienies being stuck out, but never a scorpian! LOL

    Answer by Anonymous at 12:25 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • Maybe try killing them for him?

    Answer by lilbit837 at 12:26 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • Iwon't say that I know anything about scorpions, but I do think that for an easy and quick answer you need to call the people who you got it from. I didn't say ewww before but I can't help thinking it. Sorry.


    Answer by BooBear666 at 12:28 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • How often has he eaten? I'm not sure which species you have or how big it is but most species only need to be fed a few crickets a week. So, if he's eaten recently it's probably nothing to worry about. Also, they normally do their hunting at night so try flipping the light and see if he goes out. Last thing coming to mind is what are you using for a heat source? I always recommended a heat pad under the cage to keep them warm, however they will frequently burrow to get away from heat if they are too warm. His cage should be about 78 degrees F, he may be a little too warm if he trying to burrow. Good luck with him.

    Answer by Slinkee at 12:31 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • I don't know that he has eaten yet, we got him 2 weeks ago, and I gave him 6 crickets and it seems that they are all still in there.

    His tank is being heated with a pad, but it did not seem to heat very well from the bottom (approximately 3-4 inches of substrate) So I put it on the side...should I put it back underneath the tank?

    His tank does not feel 78 degrees to me...someone else suggest a heat lamp before (they use it for their scorpion) but we have not gotten one yet.

    He is an Emperor, the shop said maybe a year old (I keep saying "he" but I really don't know)

    Answer by CarolynBarnett at 12:35 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • I would definitely keep the heating pad under the tank, even with the substrate it should still keep it warm enough. Keep the pad under about 1/3 of the tank, that way he can have a kind of gradual temperature change across the cage. You can get a little stick on thermometer at the pet store like they use on fishtanks for a dollar or two at the pet store, you'll definitely need one. If you keep your house fairly warm the cage is probably going to stay close to 78 anyway. Scorpions don't need any uv light needs like reptiles and they are more of a burrower than a basker so unless you are really having trouble keeping the temp high enough I wouldn't worry about getting one. Room lighting during the day is sufficient and they actually do better a slightly longer night cycle.

    Answer by Slinkee at 12:41 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • Scorpions have a very slow matablolism so they don't eat that often but when they do eat they immobilize the prey by an acid spray that dissolves the tissues and then they suck up the remains. so you will not see him chomping on a cricket.. lol hope this helped

    Answer by robinalbright at 12:41 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • metabolism**


    Answer by robinalbright at 12:42 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

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