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Why is my daughter SO boy crazy?

My daughter loves boys and has since she was about 2 years old. Whenever she sees one she blushes, smiles, winks, and goes over to say "Hi boy!" I don't quite understand it. When we go to the playground she holds their hands and asks for kisses and says she is going to get married to them. She calls them her boyfriends- and I honestly DONT KNOW where she is getting this stuff from unless it is from the Disney movies which she loves the princesses. Anyone else out there have a 2 and a half year old already boy crazy?

PS- She only watches at the most 2 hours of tv a day and that is A LOT for her to watch.

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Asked by lovetoteachec at 1:42 AM on Nov. 13, 2008 in Toddlers (1-2)

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  • Hmm, that sounds a lot like my youngest sister when she was about that age too. My parents then only let her watch tv on the weekends because even those disney movies- all promote boy/girl relationships (I did a psychology paper on how young kids are predisposed to knowing girls like boys and vice versa, it's crazy). Anyways, then they realized that it was her little friends also that were doing the same thing and that's where she learnt it. Sorry this is not really advice but just so you know, you are not alone!!

    Answer by lexi8622 at 1:47 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • I have the opposite. my son is always going up to girls and giving them hugs. i mean we will walk by a girl at the mall sitting on a bunch with her mom and my son will trail off and sit next to her and then slowly scoot closer. i think its just the young age. i dont think you have anything to worry about. its just them being a kid trying to figure out things. i think its kinda cute actually. i dont think tv shows and movies really click with them about what is actually going on between a boy and girl.

    Answer by MomGoneCrazyX2 at 2:22 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • NO, not at that age. I agree with the pp about Disney movies and shows having sexual undertones that young children should not be exposed to. For instance, last night my hubby was watching Knight Rider and our young boys were watching it with him. (they love the cool car)  Well then up comes a shower scene and we were like, close your eyes boys and lets go in your play room and turn on a better show for you. Children may not understand what they see, but they are exposed to things that are too old for them. Honestly, I didn't allow any of my children to watch most Disney movies. Then again, I don't let them watch violent cartoons either!  She's only 2 1/2 though and she sounds precious!  You'll have to find a way to "nip it in the butt" early because when she gets older it'll be a terrible battle!  Wish you all the best!


    Answer by blessed5x at 10:04 AM on Nov. 13, 2008

  • becuase she's a learning baby girl. teach her about boys because she recognizes that the are different from her and it's so intriguing kwim?

    Answer by ssnelson26 at 2:58 PM on Nov. 14, 2008

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