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Money missing??!?!

So I was checking my hubby and my back account and realize over $120 was missing, when I confronted him he said 'he didn't remember where it went" what kind of response is that? The money was pulled out in cash. Now what do I do? Keep bugging him?


Asked by Anonymous at 6:50 PM on Jan. 16, 2011 in Relationships

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Answers (10)
  • is he usually responsible about that amount?
    if not, then he may need some reminding

    Answer by fiatpax at 9:03 PM on Jan. 16, 2011

  • How long ago was it? Was it all pulled out at once? I take out money sometimes and it goes for little things that add up.

    Answer by scout_mom at 7:02 PM on Jan. 16, 2011

  • is this the first time this has happend? is there a possibility he could be buying you a birthday gift? if you at all suspect cheating, see if his habits change-when he leaves for work/gets home, does money go missing all the time? does his affection habits change? etc....

    Answer by OurHeartsAwait at 7:02 PM on Jan. 16, 2011

  • I do all our bills and I can't tell you how often we have had charges here and there that we couldn't remember. I know better than to get too upset at dh because usually I was the one who forgot that I bought something. We are both very careful with our money so it is not like we buy frivolous things- but it is easy to forget what you bought if it has been more than a week or 2. If you guys are on a budget just tell him to please try to remember because you need to figure out the budget. I would not make it a big deal b/c it is easy to lie about where cash went. If it is a problem that he took money out in cash, maybe talk to him about both of you having your own mad money.

    Answer by christinab313 at 7:03 PM on Jan. 16, 2011

  • ask him and give him a chance to respond.

    Answer by pinkdragon36 at 6:56 PM on Jan. 16, 2011

  • I'd get my own account

    Answer by admckenzie at 7:19 PM on Jan. 16, 2011

  • If he took it out in cash chances are he may have spent some here, some there, some for gas and honestly does not remember where he spent it all. I would ask that next time he take money out he #1 let me know about it when he does it, and #2 keep all the slips (bank slip, sales slips) that way I can make sure all is balanced. If this is an on-going thing then I would open a 2nd account and put all the money in that for 'household and bills' (and have it in my name only) and leave the joint one as his 'allowance' and give him $X dollars each payday for his own use.

    Answer by MizLee at 7:34 PM on Jan. 16, 2011

  • Is it an unusual occurence? I wouldn't hound him, because if he is doing something he isn't supposed to, he'll just hide things better. I would just keep an eye out. It could be nothing, it could be something...time will probably tell. Good luck.

    Answer by SandyHack at 7:43 PM on Jan. 16, 2011

  • 120$ can go fast, a tank of gas, lunch money, a quick bread and milk pick up, how close is it to your birthday?

    Answer by firelites at 7:55 PM on Jan. 16, 2011

  • Well, we NEVER use cash, that way we both can see where the money went. It was a $40 then $80 birthday isn't for another 6 months.... It was only $120 not 1200, plus if it was for little things, why not just use our ATM card? He has been acting different, hiding his phone, tesxting all the time, making excuses for being late. I don't want to bring these things up until I have solid proof he is doing something, that way he can't hide it better.

    Comment by Anonymous (original poster) at 9:08 PM on Jan. 16, 2011