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Do you think you'll always love each other? (if ur not together, that is)

Sometimes I think i'll always love the father of my children, and there will always be ''something there'' , but we're just not for each other. He says he will always love me too and there always be that attraction (yeah,...RIGHT....DOUCHE BAG! lol)

What do you think?? I've seen plenty of MARRIAGES where they split up, find someone new, but end up cheating on there SO for there ex wife/hubby....maybe because the attraction, or maybe because they still loved each other, but it was somethin lol.


Asked by knicole0708 at 9:45 AM on Jan. 17, 2011 in Relationships

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Answers (10)
  • I think that you always hold a special place in your heart for the father of your children. I can also see why some people cheat with their EX's. I think the reason is because their EX's are comfortable and there is a sense of understanding that you don't get with a stranger. I also think that it is possible to not cheat on you DH, even with an EX, just because you still have feelings for that EX. My oldest sons Biofather and I are still great friends and in the beginning it was very hard to see him, even though I was married. Now it is 14 years later, I'm still happily married and I still have a friendship with my EX. As time has gone on it has gotten easier.

    Good Luck!

    Answer by cornflakegirl3 at 9:54 AM on Jan. 17, 2011

  • While none of us can predict our futures, I think I feel safe in saying my husb & I are in this for the long haul! We have been friends 4ever, & have been thru a lot. I cant imagine my future w/out him in it!

    Answer by mrsmom110 at 9:53 AM on Jan. 17, 2011

  • I assume that my husband and I will always love each other (at 40 years of marriage the prospect is good), and I was astounded when some dear friends split up. We thought they had a good marriage. It really shook my belief in love forever.

    Answer by Bmat at 9:47 AM on Jan. 17, 2011

  • It depends on how you split up. If the divorce can be handled on relatively good terms, you can still remember the good times. If the divorce gets nasty and ugly, sometimes you see that person as having changed from the person you married, sometimes the bitter feelings linger.

    Answer by amybaby_19 at 9:49 AM on Jan. 17, 2011

  • Uhoh, I'm sorry, I just now noticed the if you aren't together note. Sorry.

    Answer by Bmat at 9:49 AM on Jan. 17, 2011

  • NO WAY JOSE! I've heard people say that my ex still loves me, but i can't stand that asshole & the thought of him sometimes makes me sick. I am embarrassed i ever married him, but glad that my DD is what came of it. She is the only great thing that came from that marriage. So no, there is no love for him coming from me. There never was any love to begin with. I do care for him & hope he is happy & i hope he lives a healthy life so he can be there for our DD when she needs him...but that is all.

    I personally have never known anyone who cheated on their DH with their ex. I don't even know many people who cheated...

    Answer by samurai_chica at 9:52 AM on Jan. 17, 2011

  • Amy, we divorced on good terms & i feel he has not changed. That is why i divorced him. No bitter feelings here, just utter freedom....


    Answer by samurai_chica at 9:53 AM on Jan. 17, 2011

  • HELL NO!!! The father of my kids, my ex husband is gross....and I SHALL NEVER ever be attracted to him again. I love my SO now.

    Answer by LynnB1 at 12:29 PM on Jan. 17, 2011

  • well like you said you will love him for being the father of your child but you may care for him but that is all goodluck

    Answer by Ricanmami1 at 12:34 PM on Jan. 17, 2011

  • Good luck

    Answer by grismelda at 12:52 PM on Jan. 17, 2011