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I lost my temper....

This past weekend and spanked my 3 year old - My fault.. we got a call we were to have a showing on our house ( have it up for sale ) in an hour, I was stressed and in this rush to get everything in order, he decided to act his age ... 3... small/innocent 3 years old and I lost it and spanked his butt during his fit he threw ... all in from of my niece and I think it scared her.. we are so close and now I don't think she wants to spend time with us - she is 11.. I feel like a horrible mother and now aunt.. I know about mommy time outs but I lost my cool and patience.... I am NOT a spanker... this isn't me... I feel HORRIBLE


Asked by Anonymous at 2:50 PM on Jan. 18, 2011 in General Parenting

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Answers (7)
  • It is okay to feel bad, although I think you need to talk to you neice and explain this to her. She is old enough to understand and you can tell her you are sorry for scaring for her. Also, I would talk to you 3 year old and explain to him how you feel and what happened. No one is perfect and we all do things that we sometimes regret later. I think the point it that you feel bad and now you need to correct the situation.

    Good Luck!

    Answer by cornflakegirl3 at 2:53 PM on Jan. 18, 2011

  • Oh boy, let it go. It happens to the best of us. Next time, you'll do better and perhaps it didn't hurt to send a message to your 3 year old? You can talk to your niece about it too. Kids are resilient, it'll be okay.

    Answer by Anonymous at 2:54 PM on Jan. 18, 2011

  • I don't feel that spanking is abuse and that sometimes it is necessary in certain circumstances. However, the number 1 rule of parenting is to not spank in anger. So you might have slipped up a little there. Would I have spanked him for that? No probably not...but if he was running out into the street after I've told him no numerous times, then yes I would have spanked. I don't know why it would traumatize your niece that much unless she's been told that spanking is child abuse. I would talk to her and see what's up.

    Answer by Ash9724 at 2:55 PM on Jan. 18, 2011

  • As for your son, he will get over it too. It'd be one thing if you beat him...that he might remember. But I was spanked as a child and have no memory of any spanking I ever recieved...nor do I remember ever being hurt physcially by my parents. Don't worry about it.

    Answer by Ash9724 at 2:57 PM on Jan. 18, 2011

  • I would have spanked him to.

    Answer by mommytoJames512 at 2:52 PM on Jan. 18, 2011

  • You spanked, not beat, your son. Cut yourself some slack, mama. He'll be fine and so will your niece. Everyone has moments where it just gets away from us. You do the best you can at the time and go forward from there. :)

    Answer by hootie826 at 2:55 PM on Jan. 18, 2011

  • it happens to the best of us

    Answer by pookipoo at 3:17 PM on Jan. 18, 2011